AI Camera in Smartphones

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Smartphones and handheld devices have been offering AI assistants like Google Now and Siri for a few years now. It’s time for AI in cameras now.

“Our estimates point that AI-enabled smartphone cameras will, move beyond a mere buzzword, and become a common feature across all smartphone segments, except the entry-level,” said Prabhu Ram, Head – Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR.

AI Camera Adoption

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword. Smartphone manufacturers have gone a step ahead and used this AI technology in camera.

“Some of the aggressive smartphone brands focused on AI-enabled camera smartphones include Xiaomi, Oppo and RealMe. The current trend indicates more adoption in the mid-tier smartphone segment,” added Narinder Kumar, Analyst, CMR-IIG.

Smartphones come with beautifying abilities which use AI

  • Adjust skin tones
  • Change the face orientation
  • Apply various funny filters.

Though these features are tempting, the manufacturers and engineers are working days and weeks to improve their products and to make a business profitable. Even though some AI features work in cloud (online), AI hardware’s are being included that will do this AI processing task offline.

This will make it easier for these features to work offline and will also reduce the processing time. However tempting these features may be, the users wouldn’t have enough patience and wouldn’t want to wait to see their favorite filters and customizations.

“While adoption of AI Cameras is skewed mostly towards mid- and premium- smartphone bands, it Is interesting to see brands like Comio pushing AI-enabled camera smartphones under sub-10,000 price band, where AI adoption has been very modest,” noted Amit Sharma, Analyst, CMR-IIG.

AI Cameras in Phones

Image processing and Computer Vision technologies, though have been there for a long time, but now started showing results. Even the face detection feature we are a result of the hard work of researchers and engineers in the field of Machine learning, Computer Vision and Image processing.

So next time you want to take a selfie but don’t have a well-groomed face, don’t worry. Your AI camera will look after that dull face of yours and give you a classy look! Maybe a look you won’t recognize yourself. — V. Thonte

Source : Most smartphones to get millennial-friendly, will come with AI-camera in next 2 years — ET (Economic Times)

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