8 Amazing Facts you never knew about Xiaomi

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No doubt that new brands have come into the scene and have flooded the market with their best quality products. In this competitive technological world, there are millions of brand and product to choose from however some have made their own unique identity too and one such is the Chinese company XIAOMI.

When Xiaomi entered into the mobile market in India, I hated them literally, but after making flagship products like Poco F1, cheap Redmi phones with flagship features, MIUI 10, even other products like Mi Band 3 earned my respect for them. — R Bhave

So here we bring you a few facts that you might be curious to know about Xiaomi.

1) Origin of the word Xiaomi

The word ‘xiaomi’ means ‘rice’ in Chinese. This shows that the Xiaomi brand wanted to start from basic before ruling the smartphone market, by basic it means that the idea was to make something worth taking(in case of rice it’s consuming). It is believed that the simplicity of its maker and its design is what has made this company rise this high today.

2) 5% Margin Profit Forever

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun has declared that the company will permanently limit the profit margin after tax to a maximum limit of five percent (5%).

This is applicable to all products that Xiaomi has produced so far and will be manufacturing in the future. Starting from smartphone to lifestyle products such as appliances, fitness tracker and many others, each of them will have a maximum of five percent profit which makes it economical for masses, unlike other companies which increase their prices on a yearly basis.

3) Xiaomi Brand logo

Now, let’s do a workout here!

Anyone reading this post who has Xiaomi’s phone is asked to invert the phone upside down at the logo side. What do you observe?

The inverted xiaomi logo looks similar to Chinese character 心 (xing1), which means ‘heart’. This shows that the company strongly prides in itself for being a customer-centric company that is, delivering products at a rate which is affordable to all customers. Thus consumers ‘soul and its happiness’ is at the very consideration of the company.

4) Mi Mover

Recently MIUI team added a feature in his next release called Mi Mover, this is where we can transfer all our important life data such as messages, a third-party app, contacts, settings, notes, etc. to other MI phones or appliances through few clicks within minutes.

Also, they have worked on other Android devices too, so now we can contact with this features with other devices too.

5) Guinness World Record Holder

Xiaomi sold 15,000 Mi3 smartphones in just two seconds in India. In 2015, the company had set a new Guinness record for selling the most smartphones on a single platform within 24 hours, the quantity exactly being 2,112,010.

This record was previously held by Alibaba’s Tmall which sold 1,894,867 handsets in 2014 over the duration of 24 hours.

6) Xiaomi as china’s apple

Though the companies CEO hates the comparison, there exist some noticeable similarities between products of iPhone maker and xiaomi devices. The pro model just is the best smartphone to hit the market today. Its hardware look better than the iPhone 6 Plus.

Superficially, the latter’s Mi Pad tablet was a dead ringer for the iPad mini, and some say its latest Mi Note phablets take cues from Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Be it anything, the product is ruling the market world.

7) Instant Loan Facility

In association with Krazybee (India’s largest student credit platform), xiaomi is now offering loans via krazybee through its upcoming Mi pay platform. This loan facility will probably remain exclusive to MIUI users only, which will be delivered to the customers quickly and conveniently via Zest Money.

“This can be one of the adding features for its huge sale in future to come.”

8) The Mascot

Xiaomi’s mascot is a bunny called Mitu who wears a beautiful ushanka (Lei Feng hat). The Mi Bunny’s cap has a red star and it also wears a red scarf around its neck which makes it look cute. The Mi Bunny has now evolved from being a mascot to being a smart assistant speaker named Kuri. When we talk to Kuri, its ears light up, and while its facial expression is sort of fixed it is welcoming and will be loved by kids.

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