Windows Template Studio: Expectations vs. Reality

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What is Windows Template Studio?

Windows Template Studio is Microsoft’s new approach towards UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications. The first version was officially launched in 2017. Windows Template Studio is a widely admired tool. It’s basically a wizard-based UI which can transform your basic requirements like Design, Structure, Frameworks, and pages into a complete UWP foundation. Windows Template Studio is basically an extension to Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

Example: I need an application that uses the Code Behind Approach,  uses master-detail, can suspend and resume services, settings, and will need toast notifications for announcements.

Select your project type design pattern, pages & features required for the project:


Windows Template Studio Reality

As you see Windows Template Studio is based on 3 main goals:

  • A Solid Starting Point: Windows Template Studio provides a great solid start to the developer. Before this tool, developers were required to make all necessary configurations and coding for various different frameworks, designs, and features. Template studio is probably one of the most used features of Visual Studio 2017.
  • Simplicity: Microsoft has kept it quite simple. But, not for general users. Before template studio, Microsoft retired App studio. App studio was a beautiful integration of simplicity without actual coding. The successor template studio is definitely more complex but more functional & flexible. You can read more about it here, windows app studio being sunset.
  • Helpful Documentation: Template Studio has pretty help documentation for beginners.

Few Issues many users including I have experienced:

  1. During Upgrading or Uninstalling you may get an error like “A value for ‘Component’ needs to be specified in the catalog.”
  2. An issue in unity container when using a background task with prism.
  3.  Crash! Yes, you heard it right. Tried Visual Studio 2017 with Template Studio installed on different hardware platforms. It literally crashes with 100% disk space (Task Manager). Well, I am not quite sure whether it’s a software issue or OS. But, this issue was mostly seen on laptops with 8/16 GB RAM (Dell/HP). However, it’s worth noting that have patience until it gets revived to the original state or use a desktop. This issue is Windows 10 specific and many users have complained to this. Same issue with many Chrome users although this might be an off topic.
My Experience with Windows Template Studio


I have been using Windows Template Studio since it was launched in 2017 made a couple of applications using it. It saves a hell lot of time. And, that’s what makes it an awesome & appropriate tool for giving your project a perfect start. Even if you’re a computer student, not a developer you make also make a fully fletched application using it. The best thing is its interface very simple & elegant.

Windows Template Studio provides you with 2 different project types “Navigation Pane” and “Pivot and Tabs” followed by a blank option if you want your own custom design. Design patterns include ‘code behind’, ‘MVVM basic’, ‘MVVM Light’, ‘Caliburn.Micro’, and ”Prism’ with appropriate 3rd party library. Best thing I like about template studio is its pages and features section. It includes ‘Master-Detail View’, ‘Tabbed View’, ‘Map’ and much basic ‘web view’. Web view runs on EdgeHTML & Chakra Engine so expect same problems that happen with Edge browser. However, Microsoft has made the decision to shift to Chromium Engine so it might fix this issue. Multiple views, suspend and resume, background support are some of the good features.

Microsoft has worked very hard to push developers to use UWP (Universal Windows Platform). “It’s not Failed! But, it didn’t even succeed”. Microsoft is currently the world’s most valuable company. They are really enjoying this period with huge profit in the cloud and business sector with a promising future unlike most of its giant past competitors who have recently started to switch to services like Apple Inc. So, I will conclude by saying “Its a Vital & Enjoyable Tool for Windows Application Development.” And, with Project Andromeda OS and Windows Core OS still in development, it looks even promising to make quality applications in Microsoft Store. You can read about them here: The Insider Story ESP1: Future of Windows 2019-2020

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