Which company will fall first Microsoft, Google or Apple?

Microsoft, Google, and Apple have emerged as some of the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world. It’s obvious that they won’t fall in split seconds. Frankly, I don’t see any of the mentioned firms falling at least the next 15 years. But, let’s consider this a hypothetical case. In order to predict, which company will fall first we must study the trends & statistics in depth.

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For starters, all three of the Big Tech companies (Apple, Google, and Microsoft) are the biggest tech giants, with founders such as Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates sitting on top of the global billionaire list every year. Billions of people use their platforms & devices which drives huge revenue. Let’s take a look at each and every aspect of a firm.

1. Google (Alphabet)

Alphabet Google Revenue

Source: Visual Capitalist

According to our study, Google has the highest chances to fall first. Despite having a wider amount of projects the ad revenue still drives 85% of revenue for the company. In which 70.4% of revenue comes from Advertising properties of Google Search Engine, YouTube, Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps. Which makes a total of $96.3 Billion in revenue. Remaining 14.6% comes directly from Adsense/Adwords network members.

Other Google services like Google Play Store, Music, Pixel Devices and Chromium Laptops helps them to generate 14.5% of total revenue. Remaining 0.5% of revenue comes from innovative projects shareholders invest in order to find the next revenue stream. Alphabet (Google) registered $136.8 Billion in revenue in 2018. Net revenue to around $30.7 Billion. Around 24.4% margin rate.

Google is should try to diversify its sectors in order to innovative and tackle upcoming future challenges.

2. Apple Inc.

Apple Revenue Analysis

Source: Visual Capitalist

Yes I know, there are lots of Apple fans out there. But, research shows Microsoft will fall last. And there are reasons for it. Apple generates 62.8% of its revenue from iPhone sales. The iPad counts for 7.1% and Mac around 9.6% of revenues.

All other Apple products and services like Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, Apple Pay, AppleCare, etc combine to 20.6% of revenues. This means Apple drives $166.7 Billion of revenue from iPhone sales. $37.2 Billion from services. Around $25.5 billion from Mac. In 2018, Apple grossed $265.6 Billion in revenue with $59.5 Billion net profit.

3. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Revenue Analysis

Source: Visual Capitalist

Microsoft has the most diversified revenue architecture than any other tech giants. This is the biggest reason it had the largest market capitalization in the last financial quarter. Microsoft’s main sectors are Office, Cloud, and Windows. Office products and cloud services serve around 25.7% of revenue. Server products and cloud services for 23.7% and legacy Windows at 17.7% of revenue.

Microsoft makes around $20 Billion from the Windows operating system. Microsoft Azure (Server products and cloud services) made $26.1 Billion in revenue last year. While Office & Cloud, services remain on top with $28.3 Billion.

Microsoft gaming sector which includes the XBox team makes around 9.4% ($10 Billion) of revenue every year. People believe no one can compete against Google. But, guess what Bing (Search Ads) makes 6.4% ($7 Billion) of revenue. Bing drove search engine revenue by 16% higher in 2018. Microsoft Surface accounts for 4.7% ($5.1 Billion) of revenue. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn at $26.2 Billion in 2016. In 2018, LinkedIn made 4.8% ($5.3 Billion) of revenue. Microsoft made $110.4 Billion of revenue in 2018 with $16.6 Billion of net profit.


fall first Microsoft, Google or Apple

As I stated earlier,” I don’t see any of the mentioned firms falling at least the next 15 years.” But, if we take statistics under consideration then Google will fall first if there’s a new Search Engine & Ads Network shift in the market. With the upcoming days of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it may be a possibility. Apple relies heavily on iPhone sales. If VR/AR/Mr takes over the market which it will be in the next 5-6 years. Then, it would be a difficult situation for them as well. But, Apple has already started its R&D in Argument Reality. Microsoft would be the last to fall. Revenue is well-diversified & the architecture looks solid.

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