Google Translate vs Microsoft Translator

If we need to translate any type of text or document to other languages, the first thing strikes our head is Google translation. Believe me or not 90% of people will first try Google Translate if not satisfied moves over to Microsoft Bing Translator. Today we are here to clear all your doubts we would be converting a paragraph in 2 different languages. And, strategically test which one is right for you. Let’s begin, Google Translate vs Microsoft Translator.

Well, we all have used Google translate. It has one serious problem “google translate grammatical error”. You might have googled it many times. But, stop that’s the same issue with Microsoft Translator (AKA Bing Translate). Although many machine learning algorithms are implemented heavily on both the platforms to minimize error rate. But, at least A.I & ML are currently not that mature enough to get 100% success. First, we will see different features each of these services provides to us. Then we’ll do an interesting experiment.

Platforms (1 Point)

Google Translator

  • Google Translator via Web (PC’s/Phones)
  •  Android App
  •  iOS App
  •  Android Wear App
  • Google Lens (Cancelled Project strike out)

Microsoft Translator

  • Bing Translator via Web (PC’s/Phones)
  •  Windows App
  • Androids App
  •  iOS App
  • Windows Phone App
  • Apple Watch App
  • Android Wear App
  • Amazon App
  • Hololens
  • Surface Hub
  • Integrated with Top Microsoft products like LinkedIn, Office, Bing and Skype.

Verdict: Platform availability is a huge aspect as far as any product or application is concerned. Clearly here, Microsoft leads the race. Microsoft was very appreciated when they launched its translator app for Apple Watch. App store rates them 4.5 starts.

Google Translate          0 (0)
Microsoft Translator   1 (1)

Features (1 Point)

Google Translate

• Translate text and web pages (web/app)
• Translate Documents (web)
• Translate Real-Time Speech (App)
• Translate Images (App)
• Translate Real-Time Video (App)
• API available for developers.

Microsoft Translator

• Translate text and web pages (web/app)
• Translate Real-Time Speech (App)
• Translate Images (App)

Google Translate         1 (1)
Microsoft Translator   0 (1)

Google translator is still the most preferred as far as users are concerned. But, Microsoft translation services are catching up at a faster rate from the last few years.

Languages (2 Points)

Google Translate

• Google Translate supports more than 100 languages.

Microsoft Translator

• Microsoft Translator supports more than 60 languages.
• Only 11 languages are available for speech to text translation through Microsoft Speech services.

Verdict: No. of languages supported is a huge aspect as far as some regions are concerned. However, I always prefer “Quality is better than Quantity”. Google translate has nearly 103 languages support. Microsoft lacks in this approach.

Google Translate          2 (3)
Microsoft Translator   0 (1)

Google or Bing Translator

Now we will be doing a short experiment, I have taken a paragraph from “The Story of IBM” and will be translating text to 3 different languages Spanish & Hindi (India). And, will be cross-examining the result.

Dataset (English)

In 2002, IBM acquired PwC consulting firm, and in 2003 they started a project to redefine the company values, by hosting a three-day online discussion of key business issues with 50,000 employees.

Let’s compare the Spanish Language first. The Results shows both of them are very close.

Google Translate:  En 2002, IBM adquirió la firma de consultoría PwC, y en 2003 comenzó un proyecto para redefinir los valores de la compañía, al organizar una discusión en línea de tres días sobre temas clave de negocios con 50,000 empleados.
Microsoft Bing Translator: En 2002, IBM adquirió la consultora PwC, y en 2003 comenzaron un proyecto para redefinir los valores de la empresa, organizando una discusión en línea de tres días de asuntos clave de negocios con 50.000 empleados

Now let’s compare Hindi Language results (Checked by Human Reader).  Clearly, here Google Translate wins Hands down.

Google Translate:  2002 में, आईबीएम ने PwC कंसल्टिंग फर्म का अधिग्रहण किया, और 2003 में उन्होंने कंपनी के मूल्यों को फिर से परिभाषित करने के लिए एक परियोजना शुरू की, जिसमें 50,000 कर्मचारियों के साथ प्रमुख व्यावसायिक मुद्दों की तीन-दिवसीय ऑनलाइन चर्चा की मेजबानी की।
Microsoft Bing Translator:   २००२ में, आईबीएम पीडब्ल्यूसी परामर्श फर्म का अधिग्रहण किया, और २००३ में वे एक परियोजना के लिए कंपनी के मूल्यों को फिर से परिभाषित शुरू, ५०,००० कर्मचारियों के साथ मुख्य व्यापार के मुद्दों की एक तीन दिन ऑनलाइन चर्चा की मेजबानी से
स्पेनिश भाषा पहले की तुलना की सुविधा देता है । नतीजों से पता चलता है कि दोनों बेहद करीब हैं ।

Verdict: Well the results are as expected, Google Translate wins here with a clear margin. However, as we say Microsoft translator was very close when it comes to languages like Spanish or French. But, makes many grammatical mistakes in some other languages like Hindi. Although Google translate was also not that good but, better than bing. So here out of 3 points, I will give 2 to Google.

Google Translate          2 (6)
Microsoft Translator   1 (2)

Google Translator vs Microsoft Translator (Android App)

Well, I have tested both of them individually on my Motorola Moto G5+ smartphone. Let’s see how these two services work on the mobile platform. I have downloaded Hindi Language Pack and will be using speech translation.

  • I used Microsoft Translator, again sorry to say but, didn’t even recognize my name (voice) correctly. Tried 3 Times!
  • Google Translate worked flawlessly correct.

google translate vs bing translate

Google Translate          1 (7)
Microsoft Translator   0 (3 +1 extra point for their beautiful Apple Watch App)


Well, the results are in front of us. Google Translate with 7 Points and Microsoft Translator with 3 Points. However, its worth noting that Microsoft Translator is not that bad if you want to use it for general purposes. “Google has more languages but Microsoft has chosen Quality over Quantity” says LifeHacker. Check that article for more analysis. Who won Google Translate vs Microsoft Translator? Well, it’s up to you now 😉

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