Best Programming Languages for Mechanical Engineers

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We have talked about many programming. languages especially for computer science students and for ethical hackers. But this post is completely different as this is for mechanical engineers.

Yes for mechanical engineers and if you are a developer, you will say “why they need to do programming. They just need to learn physics and work with machines.” But that’s not true mechanical engineers do need to learn some programming language. Though it depends on the work you are doing. They have quite the use of designing software.

Many companies require mechanical and electronic engineers to program Arduino or Raspberry Pi but are designed for industrial applications. So let’s get started with Best Programming languages for Mechanical Engineers.

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1. C++ (Best for IoT)

Best Programming languages for Mechanical Engineers

C++ is the most recommended programming language for mechanical engineers. It is extension of C language. An intermediate programming language which includes both high and low-level programming features. Most CAD softwares are used to interface with C++. One of the best examples for the use of C++ is in open CAD domain(CASCADE). Which provides an open environment for CAD, CAE preprocesses, etc.

C++ is mainly used in Robotics and IoT. And, many tech companies require C++. Though you have to write long codes it works very fast.


MATLAB for mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers require to do a lot of calculations. MATLAB is used for mathematical programming and is preferred since 1998. It is a very powerful tool to use. MATLAB is very close to the needs of mechanical engineers, hence is also highly recommended.

It is designed around matrices and is good for operations on matrices. It comes with packages pre-installed in the development environment and allows faster programming.

MATLAB Simulink is used to check whether the equation motions are correct or not. Though it is a great tool it is used only in some specific fields of mechanical engineering.

3. Python (Recommended by PinProgram)

Python for mechanical engineers

We have always recommended python as it has a huge library collection and support. If you are interested in Robotics, many compelling robotic tools have python binding. MATLAB is currently trying to provide compatibility to some of the robotic tools, meaning they are lagging behind python.

It also allows simple bindings with C/C++ code, which means that performing heavy parts of the code can be implemented in these languages to avoid performance loss. And as more electronics start to support python “out-of-the-box”, we are likely to see a lot more python in robotics. Many mechanical engineers say that python is best.

4. C# (C Sharp)

C# for mechanical engineers

C# will help you with GUI as it is Object Oriented language. The main advantage is that it’s similar to C++ with a little more concepts. Also if you are good in physics you can actually make simulators to test your machines.

Using Unity can be a great advantage. If you are going for quality check and research purpose. The major disadvantage is that there is no scientific library present so you have to do it all by yourself. You should have a good knowledge of physics, vectors, and calculus to use these.


Best Programming languages for Mechanical Engineers

Though it depends on what type of field you are choosing in mechanical engineering. Whether it’s Quality check, designing or Robotics. Learning a programming language is not necessary for mechanical engineering. But if you want to go for a higher package and also want to go in the field of Robotics and making automation machine you should learn at least one of them. You will also work with Arduino or Raspberry Pi that requires coding. Plus learning programming language will increase your logical reasoning which will help you a lot. Comment down if you are a mechanical engineer and tell us how helpful this post was.


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