AI will eliminate 12.5% jobs in Asia by 2024


From the very beginning, we are trying to ease our life, before computers, we used mechanical machines. But once the computer era came we achieved a lot. Still every day millions of people including scientists and developers are searching for the next big thing. And it is AI.

You may think that this will make life so much easier and more effective in everything. But every coin has two sides. There are many disadvantages to this as well. And one of the main is that it can take over your job. Which basically means your life will become harder. So in this blog, we’ll come across MIT report which says, AI will eliminate 12.5% jobs in Asia by 2024.

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MIT Report on AI

Recently a report was released by MIT telling that AI will impact every one out of five jobs in Asia by 2024. The report found, eliminating one in eight, but enhancing many as well. 11 Asia’s biggest market was studied and over 900 business leaders were surveyed.

It was found that around 12% of jobs are at risk of being automated in the next five years. Companies are implementing AI to improve customer satisfaction decision-making, and reduce inefficiencies, the report found. The business leaders said that the number may increase in five years.

According to the MIT reportJapan is expected to see about 17% of jobs automated, while Hong Kong expects 15% and South Korea and Malaysia expect a little over 14% each“.

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Amazing AI facts

Don’t Worry!

AI will eliminate 12.5% jobs

But don’t you worry some leaders also said that AI will create some amazing jobs as well. Some of you may not agree to this statement but that’s what they said. It might not be the same job as it is today.

Though if we go far deep into this topic we might end up to MACHINES TAKING OVER THE World. What should we actually do to prevent this comment down below and tell us what do you think about this?

Our research shows that many industries across the region will see rapid automation and the loss of jobs,” says Claire Beatty, editor of the report. “In developed economies, we’re likely to see re-skilling and redeployment. In developing markets, much more systematic planning and preparation are needed“.

Key takeaways from MIT Report:

  • AI will be a major growth driver for Asia in the coming decade.
  • The large majority of companies are expecting headcount to increase.
  • AI will affect one in every five jobs in Asia eliminating 12.5% jobs (1/8).
  • AI will produce winners and losers.
  • Talent and technology agendas must align to sustain long-term growth.

To Study above points in depth please headover to Report.

Learn about AI and ML, according to a report around 58 million jobs will be created by 2022 and that’s a huge number. Stay tuned with PinProgram with further updates.

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