Why Developers Prefer Kotlin over Java ?

Kotlin Programming Language

Java has been dominating the Android development market since its existence. Moreover, Java has also been immensely used in other kinds of development like web development, Enterprise application, Web servers, application servers and many more. Even though after having a wide variety of support to Android Development. Still, Developers are looking for better approaches to improve their applications usability and stability.

In today’s competitive world many companies are adopting Kotlin as their primary language. But why the MNC’s and most of the developers are preferring Kotlin over Java? In other words, why developers prefer kotlin over java?

Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically composed, broadly used programming language with type interference. Kotlin is developed to interoperate and cooperate with Java. Moreover, the JVM versions and standard libraries rely upon the Java Class Libraries. However, type interference makes its syntax to be more concise. Kotlin, for the most part, focuses on the JVM, yet in addition orders to JavaScript or local code (through LLVM). Kotlin is backed up and sponsored by JetBrains and Google through the Kotlin Foundation.

1. 100% interoperable with java

The best-preferred standpoint of Kotlin programming language is that it is 100% Interoperable with java. Which implies that developers can continue working with there java based project using Kotlin. This programming language is very unique and truly adaptable as it enables developers to utilize any sort of framework while developing.

2. Developer Friendly

Kotlin is considered as very easy to learn language due to its uncomplicated learning curve. Developers who have good experience in Java would appreciate the simple coding process and smooth-running approach to programming. Meanwhile, the availability of Java libraries, frameworks, and lesser coding, boosts up the speed of applications production.

3. Excellent IDE Support:

IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains’ own platform serves as the base IDE for the development of application in kotlin. Also installing and configuring kotlin plugin is a task of a few minutes in Android Studio. Moreover, Kotlin’s IDEs are highly known for their good navigation, easier debugging and inbuilt support to unit testing.

4. Safer Code

Kotlin’s code is more concise, compact, and clear which is implicitly considered a safer code. It provides the benefit of fewer crashes and system failures to the developers as well as clients.

5. Power of Open Source

Kotlin is an Open Source project and you can easily use to for establishment of the non-profit foundation. The power of open source makes a solid developers community and moreover, Kotlin is not restricted to one organization as it were. It empowers the open developer’s community to contribute to the process of evolution.

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