What programming languages does Mark Zuckerberg know?

Mark Zuckerberg is not a programming prodigy says programmers on Quora. Coders don’t place him in the topmost list of skilled coders says TopCoder. Mark Zuckerberg person who revolutionized social networking. Today, we are going to see some interesting stories about him and programming languages mark Zuckerberg knows.

The application he wrote was not unique, and not all that well-made – that is, not a brilliant, exemplary piece of programming. – Justen Robertson

Mark Zuckerberg is not the person that most coders would think of when they hear the term “programming prodigy”. – David Roth, former Digital SE at Amazon (2011-2013)

Mark Zuckerberg did his college degree in psychology at Harvard. Many would say Facebook was built within a week when he was a student at Harvard as a revenge prank on the university. As university authorities banned his “Facemash” website. Facemash was designed to let people compare two images and rate them based on their looks. But, it was Mark Zuckerberg’s hard work, skills & persistence towards his idea that made him the co-founder & CEO of a $508B company.

  • Mark Zuckerberg knows C++ Language says he’s TopCoder Profile.
  • Presumably, he also knows PHP & Hacking from his experience at Facebook. At Harvard, he was part of a team who did a term work project in PHP Language.
  • There’s an interesting article by BusinessInsider, which reveals Mark Zuckerberg’s Hacker-For-Hire profile from 2002 where his areas of expertise were apparently listed on his RentACoder profile as “Visual Basic, VBScript, C, C++, Java, Javascript, and ASP”.

In 2006, Zuckerberg gave up on coding to focus on Facebook Business. In August 2016, in Nigeria he admitted publicly that giving up coding to manage his company was a little sad. “There is an elegance to writing code that I miss,” says Zuckerberg d during a qna section with developers & industry entrepreneurs. “The code always does what you want – and people don’t.”

He may not be a uppermost tier coder but surely he is one of the brilliant minds that have revolutionized the tech industry.

If you are new visitor try reading “The Insider Story S1“.

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