What is the best IDE for Python?

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Python is the most popular language as of today, with its easy syntax it has its hands on everything like software development, data science, machine learning, server-side scripting and many more. Today we’ll see what is the best IDE for Python?

In python there are tonnes of libraries like Matplotlib, pygame, numpy, kivy, Tkinter, Django, flask,sciket-lear,  etc, thus you need some powerful IDE(Integrated Development Environment) to work with, which can debug your code and can help you write code more effectively. Speed is also depended on ides.

So here are five best IDEs that we have tested for beginners and experts. So that you can decide which one is best for you. As each IDE has been developed for specific purposes.


IDLE IDE for Python

Integrated Development and Learning Environment. When you will install python IDLE will be installed by default. It is very good for those who just started with python and don’t want to dive into the modules and libraries. It is very simple to use and does not have many features as compared to other IDEs. It takes very less space and the speed is also good as you won’t be using Libraries.

It does support debugger and error handling. It is perfect for beginners. But yes there are some features that lack like copying to clipboard feature, line numbering option, and people soon go towards the more advanced IDEs.

4. Spyder

Spyder IDE for Python

Spyder is also an open source project. It is pretty good for data science as it works on Anaconda distribution, Anaconda has many packages like numpy, scikit learn, pandas, matplotlib and all these packages are good if you are bigger in the data science field. It has all the features that an IDE should have but it does lack some packages and is quite slow as compared to other IDEs.

Some of the great features of Spyder is that you can actually search any package and documentation inside IDE plus it also has an inbuilt File explorer, these features are very helpful to beginners.

3. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code for Python

It is the free open software created by Microsoft. It also supports other languages, it is very good for beginners though it is quite tough to implement machine learning algorithms and doing big projects. The best thing about the visual studio is that it has code completion, and all the necessary features required by a bigger who is heading towards professional. It is also less in size and also a very popular software of its time.

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2. Atom

Atom IDE for Python

Atom can have numerous language support, not just the python. If you want to use C or java at the same time Atom can support it. But in our list we are only talking about python development, thus due to Atoms wide support, it lacks some of the pythons features. Atom is also widely used open source development environment. It is free to use.

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1. Pycharm

What is the best IDE for Python?

When you have to build big projects or want a fast compiler to implement complex machine learning algorithms, you need something powerful, which can help you while you write codes.

Pycharm has all of the features that you want, like Error highlighting, code inspection. It is created my JetBrains software company which has given two versions :

  1. Community version
  2. Professional version

The community version is free but some features are locked. In professional verion, you can get it all and most of the companies use this. One of the factor to look while installing pycharm is its size and the amount of RAM required. Its size is about 200MB and requires 4GB of RAM.

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Quick tip:
If you don’t have a desktop and you want the quick access to python codes and its libraries you can use Pydroid it is an android application that supports all the libraries and features

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