Programming Languages for Health Informatics

Health Informatics is referred to as the Information Engineering applied to the health care like management of the patient’s data in hospital. In simple words, we can say that the job of the health informatic engineer is to automate the health-related aspects.

The problem usually caused by health informatics is that they are not able to choose the right programming language for automation of their system. When it comes to the Programming languages, then the confusion gets increased to the peak.

There are so many languages available in the market like Python, Java, C++, C, C# and many more. The bitter truth is that you cannot be the master of all the languages. So, it becomes very important to choose one language and be the master of that language.

Are you also facing the difficulty in choosing the appropriate programming language for health informatics?

If yes, then stay tuned till the end. You will be leaving out with complete knowledge regarding the different languages used in health informatics.

Programming Languages Health Informatics

1. Python

Python programming language is the future of the IT industries. If you have no prior knowledge of programming concepts then the python is for you. Python provides programmers with thousands of built-in libraries and different integration tools.

Python is considered as mature, dynamic language and an important open-source language. Python is one of the most productive language and provides the scope of good Integration of the programs. There are libraries for almost every task. Python provides the facility of development from web applications to 3D game development. A lot of researchers and bioinformatics programmers always prefer to use Python.

As you all know no language is perfect so there are also some downside of the Python

  1. There are limited IDE options available in Python as compared to Java or C#.
  2. As a dynamic language, it will help you to get work done in the short term but introduce more bugs as the system becomes bigger and bigger
  3. The speed of python is a bit slow. As python is interpreted, it may result in slow execution.
  4. Python is suffering from the problem of underdeveloped Database Access Layers/Libraries.

2. C#

C# can be a good choice if you will be developing programs for windows machine. C# is considered as the Microsoft’s key language, and provides the world-class support on windows and has a huge market share there. C# is considered as the most powerful programming language for the .NET Framework. C# is a good combination of the functionality of the C and C++ languages with Visual Basic

The C# language lacks in the certain aspects listed below:

  1. The C# language lacks the facility of having the Open Source Ecosystem, So there might be a possibility that the programmer may suffer trouble finding the appropriate libraries.
  2. C# is very much less flexible as it depends greatly on the .NET framework, anything that is missing in the .NET framework will be difficult to implement.
  3. Operating System Independence is limited to Windows. However, there are certain tools like Xamarin that offers a toolchain for using C# to build mobile apps across different platforms such as iOS & Android.
  4. IDE is restricted to Visual Studio. Visual Studio is mainly considered as the only tool for C# development.

3. Javascript

JavaScript is considered as the scripting language across the globe. JavaScript interpreter installed on it.

JavaScript and the Java are two different languages. Many peoples misinterpret JavaScript as the part of Java but that is not true. Modern and the daily use applications like Gmail and Facebook makes tremendous use of Javascript to make their User Interface more stable and responsive.

Downsides of Javascript-

  1. It is good for maintaining web applications and high-performance servers, but it has no scope in other domains.
  2. The Debugging in the Javascript is a bit difficult task.
  3. Can not be used for heavy-duty scientific computations because they don’t have a proper integer type.

4. Java

Java is one of the most used programming language. Java provides simple syntactical code writing. It is a high-level language due to which it can be read and written easily by humans.

Java is a flexible and user-friendly language, Java is almost used in each and every domain. It provides the WORA facility to the developers i.e “write once, run anywhere”. It is general-purpose, a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.

The Java is a more open-source-oriented and with much stronger cross-platform support. Java has a richer ecosystem of tools and libraries the Java development tools are world-class. The most of the high-profile big data projects are built with the help of Java: Storm, Hadoop, Cassandra, etc.

The downsides of Java:

  1. Learning Java is not a simple task. More object oriented programming concept knowledge is required than Python & Javascript
  2. Java takes more memory space
  3. Java’s architecture code is inefficient.

5. SQL

The full form of sql is Structured Query Language, it is a programming language to perform all database related operations. SQL keeps data precise and also focuses on the security of the data. The integrity and the confidentiality of databases are maintained, irrespective of its size.

SQL is used as a support language for web frameworks and database applications. SQL is very important in performing all operation related to the database, for example, accessing the data, manipulating the data, etc.

Some limitation of the SQLs

  1. SQL has a difficult and complex interface that makes it difficult for the new user to access it.
  2. The operating cost of SQL latest versions makes it difficult for low-cost programmers to access it.

The are many programming languages available for Health Informatics. Some languages are easy to learn, some needs a lot of hard work. So it is been recommended that choose the language according to your need and comfort keeping the usefulness of the language in mind.

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