Lua : New Fast Scripting Language

Lua is a new scripting language based on the implementation of ANSI C and is designed for embedded use in different applications. Lau is gaining huge popularity due to the fact that it’s extremely fast when compared to other languages like PHP and Python.

Lua is designed to work for all types of games and web applications. Lua being small in size it’s interpreter is just of about 200KB in size. Corono mobile app development framework uses Lua as it’s backend.

Lua has surely created some buzz in the industry. Many people are supporting it, others not. Here’s some of critics choices:

  • Engineers who can code in Rust, Go, and Lua can be among the most technically proficient. — Triplebyte
  • There are also more Lua developers on the market than jobs posted by companies in need of Lua developersTechRepublic
  • Brazil’s most popular technology export is Lua.” — ITPRO

Try Lua without Installing it

You can you the Lua demo.

With help of Lua demo you can try some coding stuff in web browser itself rather than Installing it first & then trying.

I tried I myself, it’s a bit different than others. It uses ‘–‘ for comments and have some keywords like “_VERSION”, etc. You can see Lua organization have given some demo programs like hello, account, etc.
To run Lua programs on your computer, you’ll need a standalone Lua interpreter and Lua libraries. We recommend you to use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) for coding Lua Programs. In fact, Visual Studio marketplace have “vscode-lua” extension with 74000+ downloads.

Programming in Lua, Fourth Edition

By : Roberto Ierusalimschy

Book : Amazon

According to Lua organization, the best place for beginners to start learning Lua language is via ‘Robert Ierusalimscky” book.

You can get FREE e-book (1st edition) : Programming in Lua (1st edition)

Lua Developer Community

Lua is not that popular unlike other languages like PHP & Python but sure you can get help from it’s active community at lua-br mailing list & stack overflow.

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