Google updates Dart Language & flutter 1.0 release soon

Dart language recently got a minor update now on version 2.1. Dart’s main objective is to improve overall performance. Moreover, Google promised to release this features in improved Flutter version 1.0.

Dart is a programming language developed by Google, which was developed as an alternate language for a web developer to compete with JavaScript but this plan didn’t work. Hence, flutter came to rescue. Flutter is Google’s new cross-platform application development framework. However, flutter is still in BETA stages.

In August, Google released Dart 2.0 update, with lots of features designed around to facilitate flutter.

The main goal of Dart 2.1 version is to improve performance, rather than adding a new feature. Dart has better usability for type errors to improve productivity.

Web developers must know these versions reduce both compile time and output size of JavaScript produced by Dart’s dar2js compiler tool. 39% improvement in checking, which improves the Flutter developer code’s performance.

  • Faster tools, smaller output.
  • Compile-time type checking.
  • Int to double value inference.
  • New mixin syntax & support.

Dart playground, DartPad has already updated. Dart 2.1 is already available. Fluter app developers need to be patient until Flutter 1.0 is ready to take advantage of new Dart changes.

Flutter conference available in the next month on Flutter live.

Jay Patel

Jay is a Guest Blogger of PinProgram.

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