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Google, the company behind Android OS. In the past few years, many developers have started giving Android Platform as the first priority. Java was the main language many of us were using to develop Android Applications. Recently, Google announced that they will be using Kotlin over Java for app development and here are some reasons why.

There are tones of Android applications available on the Google play store and they are made using Android studio and is coded in Java. To get more updated, JetBrains launched a new programming language known as kotlin. Google describes Kotlin as a modern statically typed programming language that not only boosts your productivity but also brings happiness to developers.

1. It’s a Swift Language for Android App Development

Kotlin over Java

Kotlin can be seamlessly integrated with Android Studio, just as Swift can be seamlessly integrated with XCode. In addition, a Kotlin based Android app project can be set up to function within 10 minutes. But that’s not the best part!

The best part is that Kotlin can easily debug without any hiccups. In fact, all features that Java is capable of doing, Kotlin replicates all of them (and even more). That means, you can do refactors, debug errors, and everything that you can imagine is there in Kotlin.

2. Crucial to Jump on Modern Languages.

Google Kotlin java

This is also the reason, Java is being used since the beginning and we need something more powerful and better than Java and there is always something to upgrade. Google said “Working with Java for more than a decade had made our team kind of obsolete.

And after successfully delivering that Kotlin project, Google has become much more versatile. For instance, Google have also already started adopting modern languages & platforms such as Ruby, ASP.NET Core, GoLang, and so on.

3. Kotlin is Safer & Easier Than Java

Kotlin easier than java

Well, all the upcoming languages are getting more easier with syntax and with the human effort of writing code like python and Microsoft Bosque plus providing the immense features. Kotlin requires a lesser code, which means it’s more difficult for that code to fail.

The Kotlin code is easier to understand. That means, when some other developer will read it, he won’t require much effort to understand and it would be even more difficult to introduce errors. It’s modern statically typed language fully interoperable with Java. It means you can easily call Java code from Kotlin and Kotlin code from Java.

4. Kotlin is Multi-Platform

Kotlin over Java

Another big reason for using kotlin is that it is can be used in different fields. Though Kotlin was created keeping JVM in mind, which means it can only be used on any device that runs on JVM.

But after the release of Kotlin 1.1, JetBrains announced Kotlin JS, allowing to use Kotlin language for front-end development. The good news doesn’t stop here! Thanks to Gradle Support, you can now write Gradle files in Kotlin itself, and with Kotlin Native, the future of Kotlin is basically open for any platforms.

What we think! (Tip)

Well if you are getting started with Android development go with kotlin as Android studio 3 fully support kotlin also you won’t get frustrated as it is easy to write. Even for your existing Android apps, you can easily migrate Java to Kotlin since Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java. That means you can start using Kotlin in your existing Android app, with all your Java code, right away.

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