Best Programming Languages for Electrical Engineers

Best Programming languages for Mechanical Engineers

Electrical engineering is the main core branch of engineering and foundation of computer science & programming. Today, we will discuss some of the best programming languages for electrical engineers.

Electrical engineers work is mostly related to electrical applications, switches, circuits, raspberry pi, etc. In today’s life, coding is a vital element to any kind of engineer. Although, C and C++ are being taught in college courses itself. So do, MATLAB for solving equations. But, here we will discuss what’s best. Coding is required for proper functioning of their hardware circuit.

C++ Language

C++ is statically strong compiled multi-paradigm language and is best suited for electrical engineers. Moreover, electrical students have C++ in their syllabus, so you must master it’s concepts completely. When you are working in embedded systems, an object-oriented language C++ is the best choice. Moreover, if you want a language with proper pointers for memory management C++ is recommended.

C++ language is platform independent language. But it can also be used as a middle-level language and also support high-level language features. C++ is also used to develop system applications such as kernel and driver.


MATLAB is multi-paradigm language. The numerical computing environment allows you to solve complex equations or tasks with faster speed than C or C++. MATLAB uses :

  • Algorithm Development
  • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping.
  • Scientific graphics
  • Engineering graphics
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • GUI development.

C Programming

C is general purpose language for all kind of engineers. It supports structured programming. Widely used by electrical engineers for embedded systems. For example, turning on/off LED lights using simple C code. C programming features for electrical engineers (specific) :

  • Helpful in understanding electronics.
  • Implementing control system & understanding computer architecture.
  • For writing micro-controller programs.
  • Useful for embedded systems like C++ language.
  • For classes involving electromagnetic interference and capability (EMI/EMC).


Python is good for machine learning & artificial intelligence purposes. It is very simple in syntax and easy to learn the language. Another advantage of python is it’s less code length. Python has many libraries useful for applications like image processing and big data. Its dynamic in nature and an interpreted language, unlike C++. Python has the same features & capabilities like MATLAB. It is also used in embedded systems. Python uses:

  • n-dimensional array support.
  • Can solve complex numerical & symbolic problems.
  • Data visualization
  • Supports micro-controllers
  • Supports single board chip circuits.


Verilog is a hardware description language (HDL) used to build electronic systems. It’s an IEEE standard 1364. Useful in designing of analog and mixed-signal circuits. By using an HDL like Verilog, you can describe any digital hardware at any level (Behavioral, Register transfer or Gate level). Verilog is vital for VLSI design or VHDL. Some features of Verilog useful for electrical engineers :

SPICE is also used for VLSI design in circuit simulation programming.


LaTeX is a typesetting program which uses TeX for formatting its output and written in TeX micro language. Mostly used for documentation purposes.


Well, coding is vital this days, whether you are from any field. Just make sure you are learning specific things. You don’t want to be a computer science coder so, it’s important to study accurate language & techniques useful in electrical engineering & projects.

  • C & C++ are most recommended.
  • Python & Matlab are good choice for statistics and graphics.
  • When it comes to hardware description languages, verilog is recommended.

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