30 Reasons to Learn Java in 2020

Java language for vr

Java, a general-purpose high-level programming language developed by sun microsystems with the purpose of keeping things simple and understandable.

Specifically, my favorite tool in Java is hot code swapping in debug mode, meaning I can edit the code while the game is running and immediately see the results in the running game. This is super great for rapid tweaking.Markus Persson (swedish video game programmer & designer, best known for Minecraft) Read more at: BrainyQuote.

Even if we say, Python is on path to takle Java on #1 position. The reality is a bit different. Python has not completed dominated the industry yet. Due to the fact that ML/AI concepts are still new in the market (specially Indian Industries). So Java have more projects in the market than python at this stage.

Thus, we bring you 30 reasons to learn Java in 2020.

1. Java is a language of possibilities: There are ‘n’ number of things you can do using this language which widens its usability among programmers.

2. Kills editing: The IDE’s available for java are mind-blowing. Error correction along with code reformatting with clear explanation helps in making things better.

3. High Annual pay: If you are a money minding person then this language gives you an edge by bagging you a good job when you master it.

4. Toolset: Java has a very rich API with an outstanding supporting open source ecosystem.

5. Application usage: This language is used in mobile app development which you will often see in your daily work routine.

6. Runs on any hardware: This language functions well on any operating system as well as hardware through Java Virtual Machine.

7. Learning Platforms: You can have numerous wonderful online sites from where you can learn and practice Java.

8. Library and memory: It has a vast array of third-party libraries and can also manage memory well.

9. Flexibility: Performs graphics, web user interfacing, desktop GUIs, all under one runtime environment.

10. Android Phones: If you want to see where Java is used, well then you are not too far away. Just open any of your apps, and you find Java programming language in there.

11. Applications of trading: A popular trading application like Murex, which is used by many banks for the front-end to bank connectivity, is also written in Java.

12. Scientific area: Today this language has made its space in natural language processing.

13. Embedded space: This is one of the areas, which was part of Java’s initial campaign of “Write once, Run Anywhere”.

14. Unicode: Using Java we can make the code in any language we want to be in Marathi, Hindi or Arabic. Java has it all.

15. Performance and demand: Being the 3rd Most demanded skill, it is used by many tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

16. This language is the second most tagged language at GitHub. So you can make out how vast is this language.

17. Learning things better: With sufficient libraries built in, Java can support you to create any idea you want.

18. Robust: Unlike programs are written in C++ and some other languages, Java objects contain no references to data external to themselves or other known objects.

19. Open Source (Free): Things charge you nothing in using Java so you can explore it as per your need.

20. Wide working domain: Right from electronics to business, this language has its use in every domain a programmer can work with.

21. Security: You can rely blindly on the secure environment this language provides. Even if someone is running things online, still can feel safe with the run-time environment.

22. Comparing another language: This language finds it’s utility in every field and thus it stands at par from another language though they might be good in a few ways.

23. Development tool: Java has a powerful development tool system which doesn’t make you struggle through your developing and programming skills.

24. 20 long years: Java has completed it’s 20 grand success years and is not going anywhere rather it’s getting better each day.

25. C++ without the BS: Java has a similar syntax to that of c++. So if you know any one of them then you can master the other half very well.

26. No regret: There is no going back once you are familiar with its programming, as this language makes you hold to it till the end.

27. Business world: Java is used in the business analysis in many huge corporations. Java is the most used language in fortune 500 companies.

28. Further Scope: It may be possible that this language conquers every field you might have thought of it due to its portability and feasibility.

29. Easy communication: Since a large number of people know Java, you can easily feel homely and comfortable under Java’s roof.

30. Virus and harms: The Java platform allows the user’s to download untrusted code over a network and run it in a secure environment. This minimizes the possibility of harm as it ensures that Java cannot infect the host system with a virus nor read or write files from the hard drive.

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