Microsoft overtakes Apple to become World’s most valuable company

Microsoft have recently overtaken Apple, Google and Amazon becoming the World’s #1 Technology Leader. Now, Microsoft back to #1 position nearly after a decade. Which shows Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is heading the company in right direction.

Microsoft current Market Capital is 751.88B , which higher than competing companies Apple and Google, etc which is now ahead by more than $2 billion.

Microsoft productivity and business processes increased by 28% and reached to $8.2 billion, which has showm 10% increased in the product line and the other areas. Microsoft also shown growth in cloud by 14% and server product increased by 17%.

In slow growth of FANG group (Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google) revenue causes concern of investors. Where as on other hand Microsoft revenue has been increasing rapidly but is ignored from FANG group.

According to Gartner Inc, spending on software enterprise will causes rise 8.3 percent in 2019, which is fatest growing segment in information technology.

Spending on enterprise software expected rise is 8.3 percent in 2019, the fastest growing segment within information technology, according to projections from Gartner Inc.

Microsoft success to maintained the lead at end of 23rd November. Official now world’s #1 valuable company.

Market Capital Stats

MSFT. 753.34B. -0.039% (Leading)
AAPL. 746.82B. -2.54%
AMZN. 736.62B. -0.97%
GOOG. 725.52B. -1.32%

Jay Patel

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