Microsoft is switching Edge Engine to Chromium, and coming to Windows 7, 8 & MacOS

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Finally, Microsoft is ready to step backward and wind up the Edge fight with Google Chrome. Microsoft is replacing EdgeHTML engine with Chromium. Moreover, company is also set to bring Edge to Windows 7, 8 & macOS.

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Three years ago, Microsoft replaced their default browser as Edge for Internet Explorer. Microsoft edge has modernized the default browsing experience with the modern look and feel. But the underrated EdgeHTML browser engine is not able to match the current growing demand of the users. The Edge was facing many web compatibilities and rendering issues. The Microsoft lovers and the Edge Consumers has forced the Microsoft to bring the change.

Finally, by keeping the consumers demand and issues of edge browser in mind the Tech giant Microsoft has finally step backward and decided to switch to chromium. The new updated browser will totally be built on the Chromium technology, which would be performing same as the Google Chrome.

We can not say that the Microsoft Edge based on the EdgeHTML engine was a failure, because according to the Windows Central Edge on iOS and Android were already using the rendering engines as the native to the platforms, so we will not be able to see much changes on iOS and Android platforms.

“Ultimately, we want to make the Web experience better for many different audiences.”

Joe Belfiore (Corporate Vice President, Windows)

Microsoft as always is doing more than the expectations, they are not only building a Edge based on Chromium engine, they are also trying to push the Chromium project more closer to the ARM Processor. Moreover, it simply means that we will be seeing it as a default browser for windows 10 machine, on an ARM processor.

At last a big relief for the Microsoft to end the antagonism towards the Google Chrome. With the launch of the Chromium as the default rendering engine for windows 10, Microsoft will be ending the hostility towards the Chrome. Microsoft has regularly tried to convince the audience not to use the Chrome browser by regularly pushing notifications to Windows 10 users. Along with that Microsoft has also pulled out the Google Chrome installer from the Windows Store due to the violation of the store polices.

Authors Opinion

According to me Microsoft has played a good move by switching to the Chromium rendering engine because as a Tech Giant and a high Brand Equity holder, you can not disappoint your users with web compatibility issues. Moreover, by taking the above decision at least Microsoft comes in the situation to compete with the most used browser Google Chrome. I hope the latest default browser for Windows will give a tough competition to Chrome.

Source: Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration (Windows Blog)

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