Unleashing the Power of the IOT in Healthcare Sector

The digitalization of electronic devices in the emerging and ever-growing technical world has highly increased the demand for IoT (internet of things). IoT is playing a major role in making smart devices in home. From gateways, smart meters, smart sensors, smart appliances, connected cars, smart wearables, smartphones, to smart TVs. Today we will be discussing the power of IoT in Healthcare Sector.

1. IoT in Healthcare

Before the existence of IoT, patient’s interactions with doctors were limited to home visits, telephonic and text communications. It was almost impossible to continuously monitor the patient’s, and give recommendations to the patients. IoT (Internet of things), made it very simple. And in the future, it will help in contributing to shape the digital world.

Smart devices developed using the Internet of things, have made remote sensing and monitoring possible. Unleashing the potential to take care of patient’s health and safety, and empowering doctors to deliver wonderful and data-driven recommendations. It has also increased patient satisfaction as interactions with doctors have become easier and more efficient. The patient is getting more accurate treatment based on the data captured regularly by the smart IoT enabled devices.

Moreover, remote sensing and monitoring of patient’s health helps in reducing the duration of hospital stay and prevents frequent re-admissions. IoT (Internet of things) has a major impact on reducing healthcare costs and improving treatment outcomes with data-driven solutions and recommendations. So, we can say that the Internet of things is undoubtedly reshaping the healthcare industry by making the right use of data and people’s interaction in delivering efficient healthcare solutions. IoT has many applications in healthcare sectors that directly or indirectly benefit patients, doctors, families, hospitals and insurance companies.

2. IoT for Patients

Smart IoT Devices in the form of wearables with embedded sensors like fitness bands. Which makes it possible to remotely monitor the patient’s health to ensure safety and provide accurate recommendations by doctors. There are sensor embedded and wirelessly connected devices like blood pressure and heart rate monitoring cuffs, glucometer, etc. Which can give patients very good access to personalized attention and analysis in order to keep themselves healthy.

Furthermore, IoT devices can be tuned to monitor and remind the calorie count, appointments, exercise check, blood pressure variations and much more. IoT Enabled Devices can help to tackle the risk of falls, claustrophobia, vertigo, overexertion and other health conditions.

IoT has changed people’s lives, especially for senior citizens, by allowing constant tracking of health conditions. This innovation, played a vital role in people’s lives, especially for elderly peoples, people living alone and their families. Taking IoT to the next level, the innovative feature of alert mechanisms which in case of any disturbance or dissimilarity in the routine activities of a person, alert mechanism sends alert signals to family members and concerned health providers including doctors.

3. IoT for doctors

By using wearables and other sensor embedded health monitoring equipment, doctors can keep track of patients’ health more effectively and on a continuous basis. They can track patients’ health and provide a data-driven treatment plan to the patients. The alert mechanisms of wearables can help the doctor to any immediate medical attention if needed.

IoT enables healthcare professionals to be more watchful and connect with the patients proactively. Informatic data collected from IoT devices can help physicians to identify the best treatment process for patients and reach accurate and expected outcomes.

In the end, The IoT will be changing the Healthcare sector, We have discussed the power of IoT for patients and doctors. Soon we will be discussing the power of IoT for Hospitals and Health insurance companies.

Information is wealth”. With the rapid development of the Internet of things (IoT) and a lot of data generation, there are also several security threats of IoT. If you are interested in knowing various threats of IoT feel free to write in comments. Till then stay tuned.