Smartphone effects on Human Eyes & Brain

In today’s Technical and Digital era the Smartphones are a necessity rather than need. A normal human being can survive without food for days but not without the cell phone. The greed of peoples towards the need of cell phones is harming the health of people. Lets see some phone radiation effects.

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. -Publilius Syrus

Many people’s are addicted to the habit of checking mobile phone before going to bed or while curling up in bed each night. Because for them it might seem like the correct opportunity to check email, play games, looking up at your friends on social media, surfing the web for no reason. Most of the peoples have the habit of doing all of the days pending stuff at night.

Is the Excess use of Smartphones good for Our health?

Of course Not, If you have been doing this then you must stop this immediately, it is harmful to your health. Today we will be highlighting the major harmful effects of overusing the Smartphones. The main focus will be on how the mobile phones light not just affects our eyes but it gives rise to several other health problems too.

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Let’s see some important points:

Eyes are invaluable

The blue light emitting from electronic devices like mobiles can directly damage your vision. Research declare that direct exposure to blue light can damage your retinas.

When there is dark and you have blue light directly hitting the eyes, causes eye strain and pain. If this continued for a long time, it can permanently damage the vision as well.

It is been recommended that you use the night mode at night to avoid more damage to the eyes.

Reduction in rapid eye movement Sleep

This is also called REM sleep. REM sleep is a stage of sleep that is critical for restoration of your mind and body. REM sleep freezes memories and is available to your creative and problem-solving skills.

If you don’t get sufficient of it, it can leave you feeling tired and having difficulty focused the next day.

Takes longer time to fall asleep

The research found that students who were using an E-reader before bed took on average of 10 minutes longer to fall asleep as compared to those who were reading a normal print book. So try using a printed real book at night instead of doing anything on phone or watching TV, etc.

Smartphones interrupt melatonin production

The blue light emitted by the mobile phones affects the production of melatonin. It is nothing but the hormones produced by brain’s pineal gland that helps one to sleep and regulates the sleep cycle. As the body produces melatonin, the body’s sleep rhythm kicks in. That’s interrupted by the phones.

Regular use of the mobile phone at night before falling asleep can lead to sleep loss and other health issues like depression as well. In other words, messing around with your smartphone, predominantly when your body is preparing to be asleep, might donate to tiredness. If not kill you.

Younger people agonized more than older people, the study found. They devote more time on phones, yet.

Reduces your attention span

When you wake up from a fidgety night’s sleep, your efficiency suffers. Not getting enough sleep is known to creel your decision-making skills impairs both long-term and short-term memory and make you unfocused. This leads to unnecessary tension and unease.

Grudging the body of sleep, it needs weakens the immune system by not giving it enough time to build its forces. Not only does this surge the risk of dwindling ill it also slows down retrieval from illnesses.

Inner glitches in the body

The inner problems are not visible by outer eyes. Which internally harming your body due to sleep problems. Nobody can deny the fact that living without a cell phone today is enormously difficult but must we be so pasted to them.


  • It is harder to fall asleep.
  • Cuts your devotion span.
  • Surges the danger of weight gain.
  • Creels the quality of your sleep.
  • Damages your skin.
  • Deteriorates your immune system.
  • It will make you feel tired.

Disturbs the brain

When your sleep gets affected by too much of light emitted by mobile phone, that further affects one’s brain as well as the memory power too. When a person is destitute of sleep it affects the body digestion and the blood flow in the brain gets affected.

According to the study of Harvard, reading a screen before sleeping will cause you to feel sleepier and groggier. You will feel more tired and less alert when you wake up.

Developed risk of Cancer

The blue light emitted from the mobile phones distresses the manufacture of melatonin and thereby sleep. It is an important hormone also known for its anti-oxidant properties and helps the body to contest against cancer mainly those related to breast and prostate cancers. When your melatonin levels are suppressed, your risk for cancer and other ailments increases.

Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation

Keeping a mobile phone near head at night is dangerous for health it can cause various health problems.

The radio frequency coming from mobile phones are harmful to the body as well as brain during sleep. Shutting down your phone will make you asleep faster, or you can keep it away from the brain at night the greater the distance, the weaker the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Above are some pretty serious issues. so, in solving the problem was not to simply ban adolescents/youngsters from using their devices but to find ways of encouraging better sleep habits to youths. It is strongly advised that reduce the use of Smartphones. According to the research, replacement is much simpler that reduction, so replaces the habit of excess use of smartphones.

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