Selfies Can Be Deadly!

Camera one of the most amazing devices of our time. It has captured everything from your emotions to experiences. Invented long back in 1816 and have evolved exponentially. But, selfies can be deadly! 

It has become the most vital part of our life. Billion-dollar social media applications like Instagram and Snapchat gives huge importance to the camera and its filters.

People were already so amazed by the camera but when the front-facing camera was developed the fashion of selfies came.

And, the trend went on another level. But, every coin has two sides. People are so busy taking selfies that they forget about their surroundings, this leads to accidents.

Selfie Analysis

So let’s get deep into it. Rajan has gathered some amazing infographics on this topic.

Infographic: Selfies Can Be Deadly | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

When this technology entered the tech market it was an instant hit. But, a month after, the bad news started coming and India was at the top of the death cases followed by Russia and Pakistan.

Selfie takers get so busy looking at themselves on the phone that they forget about the place they are standing at or if anything is coming towards them that they should be aware of. Some people just do it show other people about the adventure they are doing or just to show how cool they are.

Most of the deaths are due to Drowning in the water. Mostly when people are near a waterfall or any river with high water speed. Another main cause of death is transportation. As we mentioned earlier people are so busy that they forget about the things that coming towards them, this leads to accidents.

Real Life Stories

Selfies Can Be Deadly

Recently a video was viral in which a man took a selfie on the railway track suddenly the train came and killed him. Just a mistake and he lost his life. People have started putting signboards saying ”BEWARE WHILE TAKING SELFIES” to some places.

You will be amazed to know that selfies have taken more lives than the shark. Another biggest reason is fall. Falling from a building. This is quite common as many people want to have a good background view in their photo. PinProgram does not support any of these things. Take selfies but with precautions. 

When you are taking selfies you have given all your manual, visual and cognitive sense to one thin. Your mind focuses on just one thing plus it is even difficult to walk while looking at the phone.

Infographic: Selfies Are All About Appearance | Statista Source (infographic) is Statista

About 52% of selfies are taken about appearances according to Georgia Institue of technology, they analyzed over 2.5 million selfie posts on Instagram in summer 2015. Around 14% of this part is given to Family, friends, and pets. Also from a survey, women take more selfies than men about 18% more.

In Russia, people fell from buildings and bridges, shot themselves or died while handing a land mine. Many people have fallen from Grand Canyon while taking a selfie. Rescue services in Croatia used Twitter to ask tourists to “stop taking stupid and dangerous selfies” after a Canadian miraculously survived a 75-meter (250-foot) fall in the Plitvice lakes region.

Slipping off the Cliff

Selfies Can Be Deadly

On 9 August 2014, a couple from Poland went for a holiday to Portugal. The husband and wife visited the Cabo de Roca cape which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Seeing the stunning view, they decided to take a picture as a memento of their trip. So they overstep the barrier keeping the public away from the edge of the cliff to take a better selfie of themselves. They slipped.

Source: Independent


Selfies Can Be Deadly

Russian teenager Xenia Ignatyeva was an aspiring photographer. The 17-year-old lass thought that her selfie would be more dramatic if she took it with the railway line as a backdrop at night. Ignatyeva posed on top of the railway bridge at Saint Petersburg, getting ready to shoot. Suddenly, she toppled over. In desperation, she grabbed the high voltage cables and was electrocuted.

Source: 5 Best Examples Of Why Selfies Can Be Dangerous (And Fatal)

Statistic: Share of adults in the United States who have ever taken a selfie as of August 2018, by age group | Statista
Source: Statista

In the end, we would like to conclude that no matter what the technology is or what the moment is, it’s not important than your life. So be careful and yes, of course, get the best camera and take the best selfie and upload it to Instagram. Many smartphones are coming in the market with the innovative front-facing camera. This is PinProgram’s special Infographic post for our viewers. Do share it with others. And stay tuned! We’re back on track! 

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