PubG Mobile Disadvantages

From last few months, we are repeatedly listening to the word “Pubg Mobile”, A record-breaking name in the gaming world. Pubg mobile was released in March 2018 after the popularity of its PC version.
But we know that every entity in this world has come with some pros and cons Similarly, Pubg Mobile also has some pros and cons. Today we will understand some pubg mobile disadvantages.

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1. Enormously Habituated to us

Gaming addiction is not a new thing nowadays. It seduces you during your work/college. And this today’s generation is making games as an important part of their life. They are getting distracted from their work. This game is one them which is giving a cup of tea in your hand.
Pubg mobile’s imagination, practicality, excitement gives the gamer to get habituated with it. And once you are addicted to it you will not only love the game you will feel the game. Playing the game in limit is not the problem but it should not overdose.

2. Smaller the screen will lean towards eyes with strain

According to doctor’s, it is cleared that facing continuously towards tiny details will reflect in your eyes. As the mobile is too accessible you can access this casino for mobile gaming. Nowadays it is not less than any gambling that the video games are influencing people to invest their important time in gaming.
If you don’t trust yourself to stop it on time before it’s too late, you need to pay for it in the future.

3. Like others, it charges money for premium features

It’s obvious that anyone who creates game wanted to make money from it which is totally natural. But why should anyone pay for some more features which only gives you special clothes, plane, cards, etc?
While playing the game it doesn’t matter are you a royal pass holder or not only your gaming skills will let you get “Winner winner chicken dinner “ title.But let it be in actual life your not getting any single leg piece from that except mind-blowing self-satisfaction which is not less than any dinner to your heart.

4. Keyboard and Mouse are the wiNning masters

Players using Emulators, Bluetooth devices to run game on Chromebook have massive advantages over mobile users. Because keyboard and mouse make the gameplay ultimately superior and easy.

NOTE: But later on, this problem has been solved by Tencent developers in the new update now the auto-matching has been selecting the only emulator to emulator and mobile to mobile players.

5. Unavailability of crossplay & Features

Compared to it’s biggest competitor fortnight Pubg mobile does not have the function of crossplay. The fact is that you can enjoy fortnite with your buddies from PS4,Xbox,PC,Ninetendo switch, though you are playing the game from a mobile phone.
Which usually results in less or different features, Pubg mobile gives somewhat fewer features in mobile platform version as compared to PC, Whereas in fortnite user can enjoy full/similar features in all platform.

6. Creepy Hardware & Software Requirements

Pubg mobile needs android version lollipop and above, iPhone 6 and above and the last but not the least which is unlike by most of the of old phone user the game requires minimum 2 GB of Ram for appropriate performance, also the download size is above 1 GB.
The higher your smartphone specification goals to higher performance for you.

NOTE: Now a lite version of Pubg mobile is also released which looks similar to the normal version but designed for low budgets or old smartphone.

7. Online dependence

Alike it’s PC version Pubg mobile is also an online game which requires a good internet connection. Since the game is online you can not start the game without your logging.
The main problem comes when your internet connection stopped working suddenly or you got a call in between your gameplay. At that time you can imagine your chicken is running far from you and today you are not supposed to give chicken dinner to your friends now be ready to face their beautiful golden words.

8. The Ping problem Not the Pinprogram

As we know the game is an online game we can play it on different servers such as Asia, North America, Europe, etc. But the ping matters higher the ping will fallout into Lag and freezes which are about 3-5 sec which depends a lot in this type of battle royal game where every second is important to win or stay alive. The drop in FPS should not be the chance for other. Sometimes we can observe the pause in the gameplay as the ping rises highly.

9. Battery is life

There is no surprise if we observe excessive battery drain than excepted. In this type of high-performance games on mobile. The game also forces smartphone to increase its body temperature.

NOTE: The regular updates by the developers are fixing many problems and bugs related to battery life and heating problem.

10. Time is Money

Those who have less time should go for arcade or quick match mode but if they are excepting fast match in their carrier mode will disappoint here as every match here lasts for at least 20-50 mins depending upon the enemies alive.

One thing to keep in mind is that as your level increases difficulty level also increases, Which will make it difficult to get “Winner winner chicken dinner” in PUBG MOBILE, So be ready with your breakfast and sacks.

That’s all about some Cons of Pubg mobile.

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