Programming Languages used in PubG

With 2 million daily users, PubG is the most top-rated game across all platforms all over the world. The craze for PubG is increasing day by day. The game is well fascinated by the age group of 14 to 25 years. PubG mobile has most number of users as compared to other platforms such as PC, Xbox, etc. One reason would be that it is easily available on Play store (mobile variant), free of cost. PubG is well equipped with realistic graphics. Today we will see programming languages used in PubG.

PubG is developed and published by the PubG Corporation, a subsidiary of south Korean company Bluehole.

Programming Languages used in PubG

Pubg Programming Languages
As you all know that single language is not enough to make realistic games like PubG. It requires combination of many languages and different engines. But at the end, it is one language that is used to make the core of the software.

We will be considering both PubG Mobile and PubG PC.

1. UNREAL Engine 4

PubG is developed in special game engine IDE platform called Unreal Engine 4 by Epic games. This engine is coded in C++ with the features of huge portability and tools for realistic graphics. The engine mainly targets the eight generation-based PCs, consoles and Tegra-K1 based device running Android.

2. Java

PubG is an cross-platform game which is available for PC as well as Mobile. So for developing the cross platform games java is must and can also be considered as the side sourcing language. Java is also considered as the official language for Android game Development. Moreover with easy Android Studio integrated environment and use of OpenGL for graphic, makes the game realistic along with good performance.

3. Python

The core of the PubG is developed in python. Python also helped PubG to become more secure and hack-proof from hackers. And, provided the developers with lot of built in functions for gaming and also making the game more adaptable and stable to the different environments. Python is also good for handling the server side work.

Talking about security, here’s 10 Interesting Facts about Ethical Hacking you must know.

4. Pearl

Pearl 6 is used to develop the PubG along with the “Game of Thrones”. Moreover, Pearl 6 is a powerful dynamic language along with benefits for the developers such as :

  • Strong Concurrency support.
  • Powerful Object-orientations.
  • Clean implementation and short coding.
  • Syntactic simplification.
  • Chained Comparison

5. JavaScript

An action-oriented language, JavaScript is very capable language supporting different extra functions. It is been widely used in Android games along with the full support of different API and library.

For making Xbox variant of PubG there’s heavy use of C# language. Here’s an interesting post Why Microsoft created C#

Also, in the making of other PubG variants for minor uses languages used are C#, PHP, MySQL etc. The PubG combat is very much inspired by the Movie “Battle Royal”. PubG also inspired by some other games such as ARMA 3 and DayZ. Moreover, the PubG is considered as a Survival Game. And, is becoming very popular specially in Asian countries like India & China.

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