How to make android games without coding

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Gaming on Android phones is in big demand nowadays. According to this year’s gaming revenue, out of $137 Billion, more than 50% was from mobile devices. Here, we have provided some tools which will help you create android games without coding.

We recommend you to learn programming which will be beneficial if you want to become a game developer. You can read more: How to be a game developer?

Here are best tools to make Android games without coding :

Editor’s Note: “From my research, I found out two main (most recommended) tools for making Android games. First, is YoYo’s GameMaker Studio (cross-platform games) & Buildbox (hyper-casual games). Both tools are top notch in their respective approach.”

GameMaker Studio (Recommended)

One of the best known Android game builder in the market is GameMaker Studio. Using single development workflow you can easily export your game to not only Android but also Windows desktop, Mac OS X, and 9 other platforms.

GameMaker community is quite big so you can easily find tutorials & how to videos. There’s a special laptop mode for developers so that it wouldn’t affect game development. Some top-notch features include skinning, docking, object editor, and script editor. YoYo’s GameMaker Studio 2 also follows the drag and drop approach.

Moreover, GameMaker Studio provides an extensive library of events and actions to properly architect your game. Like, Buildbox in GameMaker Studio you can also preview your game progress. You need to purchase ‘mobile’ plan ($399 permenant license) to make Android games using GameMaker Studio.

Most definitely the best program I’ve used for years!Seth Groom (Nykra)

If you want to start your Android game development project with YoYo’s GameMaker Studio 2, here are some useful links :

Buildbox (Recommended)

One of the best & most recommended tool for building android games without coding is Buildbox. You might have seen simple hyper-casual games in the play store, one with fluid interface & minimal design. You can also create such kind of games easily with help of buildbox.

No programming or scripting is required. You can create any kind of 2D game you can imagine says buildbox. What I like about buildbox is you can preview the game in real time, which means designing & working goes hand in hand. All you need is to have basic idea about your project, and it’s assets like images.

You can add or remove characters, objects, assign them action as well as background using simple drag & drop approach. Moreover, you can edit gameplay & logic pieces. It’s one of the fastest game development tool. Buildbox reminds me of wordpress platform, like wordpress everything is ready (pre-configured) you just need to add content same applies for buildbox. Some top notch games made with buildbox are Color Switch, Ball Jump and Slip Away. Game monetization is easy to configure with buildbox.

The best things about Buildbox are how easy it is to build a game and how quickly you can build a game. — David Reichelt (Color Switch)

If you want to start your Android game development project with buildbox, here are some useful links :
  • Buildbox Tutorials: Here, you can find easy video tutorials from basic to advance level.
  • Buildbox Tour: Why you should choose Buildbox?
  • Buildbox Pricing: Buildbox plans start from $15/month to $99/month (if billed monthly) and from $8/month to $59/month (if billed annually). There’s no restriction on any plan, you can create unlimited games. And, royalty is all yours (“Buildbox never takes a portion of the revenue you receive from your games. Everything you make is yours.“).
  • Buildbox Blog: Official blog of Buildbox.
  • Buildbox contact : All contact (support) details.

Recently, Buildbox 3D was introduced which allows you to create 3D games without coding.

QuickApp Ninja (Free)

QuickApp Ninja, also one of the best-known tools for creating android apps & games without the coding stuff. Quickapp ninja supports multi-language content, which allows creating unique game quizzes for more than 20 languages. Another, a good feature called ‘Reskin’ which allows you to dulplicate already created games. Quickapp ninja has cloud support for game levels which reduces game size.

Best Android Quiz Game Builder”

One more advantage of Quickapp ninja is it’s 100% Free (“Yes! service is free to use. You can start making money without spending a dime“). Some top-notch games build by quickapp ninja are Guess the Football Player and 4 Pics 1 Word. Currently supported ad networks are Facebook Ads and Admob.

If you want to start your Android quiz game project with QuickApp Ninja, here are some useful links :


Stencyl is one easy way to make a Android game. You can write code if you want in stencyl. Also, drag and drop based tool. Stencyl uses iAds & AdMob as monetization option. If you’re the game is unique you might seek sponsorship from big game studios (Sell game rights in return). Few known games made by stencyl are Super Dangerous Dungeons and Wrassling.

If you want to start your Android game project with stencyl, here are some useful links :


Appygen’s slogan says, “The App Builder made for internet marketers”. Appygen promises to create an Android game under 5 minutes from some pre-defined templates. You just need to edit those templates & publish updates. Appygen pricing starts from $0 to $159/year based on your requirements.

For more information visit, Appygen official website.


GDevelop is an open source Android (+ cross platform) game creator. GDevelop site specifies, No programming skills required at all. You can create indie games like Hyperspace Dogfights & many more.

What makes GDevelop unique and so easy to use are the events. Events are a powerful way to express the logic of your game, without having to learn a programming language — GDevelop

For more information visit, GDevelop official website.

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