How to be a game developer?

Gaming industry generated a solid revenue of $137 Billion (April 2018). In which more than 50% of revenue was from mobile devices. Games like PubG mobile are exploding with huge revenues. As far as, desktops & consoles are concerned they are also in stable position.

We forecast that 2.3 billion gamers across the globe will spend $137.9 billion on games in 2018. This represents an increase of +13.3% from the year before, or $16.2 billion. Digital game revenues will take 91% of the global market with $125.3 billion. NewZoo

Game Developer

A game developer is a person who does the coding stuff for the program (game). This is not an individual task but, an task involving 100’s of 1000’s of people including artist, designers, testers, writers, etc. Game developer needs to understand everything involved in the game & implement it properly.

Programming Languages & tools for game development

1. C++ : When it comes to gaming, C++ is first choice for most learners. C++ being OOP is good for gaming. Most softwares & games of Windows ecosystem are made in C++ language. First step is to master all object oriented programming concepts. C++ is accompanied with languages like C, Python, Lua for some threading or by OpenGL for graphics.

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2. C# (C Sharp) : C# is the best language to learn for building applications & games for Microsoft Windows platform. C# itself is developed by Microsoft. With help of C# you can also target Xbox consoles. But, when you compare C# vs C++ for gaming, C++ gives you more control over your memory. Because of which gaming performance increases rapidly. But, Unity uses C# (Big Plus!)

3. Unity

Unity is one of the most popular game engine & also world’s leading real time game engine.

4. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python

About 3-5 years ago Adobe flash was the gaming standard for web. You might have played some miniclip in the past, they were powered by flash. Gone flash days, the control is shifted to front end languages like HTML/CSS/JavaScript. JavaScript & Python are best choices for web-based game development.

In many games like Age of Civilization VI, the role of Ai (Artificial intelligence) is vital. So, learning Python is necessary. In future more and more games will include Ai blocks.

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5. Java (Android)

Java, the world’s most popular language is also in gaming because of Android phones. Billions of smartphones are powered by Android OS, which uses Java as it’s native language. So, when it comes to mobile game development (which has highest revenue) Java is your choice.

6. Swift (iOS)

Apple customers are very loyal & wealthy target, so hugh revenue is generated from app store itself. Swift is the most ideal language when it comes to game development for iOS devices.

Once, you have mastered in appropriate languages & frameworks, it’s time to get certified. “Unity Certified developer exam” is must.

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