How does PubG Mobile make Money?

Almost every individual likes playing games. Mainly people from developing countries like India prefer to play free games rather than paid games. If the game is free then from where do the gaming companies earn revenue. Today most of geeks spends 2 to 3 hours playing games like PUBG, CS GO, Fortnite Battle Royal, Path of Exile, etc.

Have you ever wondered how these free games make revenue from?

Today we’ll see how does pubg mobile make money?

Not only that we will be revealing certain secret sources from where top games like PUBG Mobile, CS GO earns revenue. So stay tuned with us and read the blog till the end.

Note: CS Go is now available free on stream.

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

–Benjamin Franklin

You might be thinking that these games might be earning from advertisements through Adsense, or any other platform. But it is totally wrong, I would like to tell you that these games do not show in-game advertisements. Then what is the source of income for these games?

1. In-app Purchases

How does pubg mobile make money?

You might have noticed that if the game is free, then it always have a lot of in-app purchases. Let’s take an example of PUBG Mobile. It has a lot of costumes, skins, emotes and many other types of equipment priced at different prices. So they are making a huge amount of revenue from In-app purchases.

If you are still not able to believe that let’s take an example of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile has almost 30 Million daily active users. Let’s assume from 30 Million users if 0.5 Million users buy a gun skin priced 5 dollars. Then the daily revenue of PUBG Mobile will be 0.5 x 5 = 2.5 Million dollars.

Royal or Season passes usually applies to the battle royal or action games. Royale Pass or the season is a seasonal event and allows players over a particular time period to complete various missions and win various prizes.

2. Sponsorship

Pubg mobile sponsors

Many companies sponsor these games for promotion of there products. PUBG Mobile is a very good example of this. Oppo has sponsored PUBG mobile lot many times. There were different costumes available in PUBG Mobile promoting Oppo’s latest mobiles and many more.

3. Affiliate Marketing and collaboration with different brands

Yes, it is true, these free games also do affiliate marketing. It’s not totally affiliate marketing, they usually show in-game hoardings or popups etc.

These free games also collaborate with different big brands and promote their brands. Promotions of brands might be in any form. Promotion may be through in-game hoardings, in-game advertising, advertising on the player’s costumes or on other attachments.

4. From Streamers and On steam

The Streamers earning revenue with the help of this game also have to pay a certain amount of revenue to the game developing companies. The amount of revenue may vary from platform to platform. It is obvious to give some credit to the game which is free to play and you are making the revenue from that game.

It may be possible that certain games may not be free on each and every platform. So the game developing coming may charge the money for a cross-platform experience. For example, PUBG is only free for Android Devices, on other platforms like PC or XBOX or iPhone etc it needs to be purchased.

5. Tournaments hosting

These free games also earn from different tournaments like the PUBGs Star Challenge, World Electronic Sports Games 2016 (CS GO) and many more. You might be wondering how the tournament organized by big companies will make the profit for free games. The straight forward solution is that ultimately its the game which will be played in the tournament will be getting some part of revenue.

Disclaimer: The content posted below may be invalid, or inaccurate. Please don’t take the below point too seriously.

6. Selling users data

It’s been observed that there is a lot of discussion going on the steam community regarding the selling of the user’s data by the different gaming companies. This may be true or may not be true.

If you are not paying for the product, remember that YOU are the product.

These games might be selling the data to different advertising companies. But the data here in these games may primarily be your voice chat. You see, the in-built voice chat option gives a peek into all of our lives. Listening into the audio conversation from a nearby television or other devices, they pick up keywords which are, in-turn sold to advertisers for a large profit.

It is also possible that during the gaming conversion the user might reveal sensitive data like passwords or other sensitive data like the likes or dislikes of the user. Which can be used different companies to manipulate the user and earn good money.

Authors opinion: According to me these games might not be doing this kind of evil job to earn the revenue. As per my technical knowledge, the audio in these games might be encrypted end to end. There may be a possibility that the audio in the game might not be stored in the game server. But still, prevention is always better than cure. So it is truly advised that you must think before you speak during a game conversation.

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