8 Reasons Why Playing Video Games is Good for Programmers?

Video games have evolved to become one of the major source for entertainment purposes. To programmers, these games are just more than entertainment. They effect player in both cognitive as well as physical aspect because spending just few hours of your day in front of the screen playing video games can have a life-changing impact on an individual.

Are you a programmer? Then do read further to know the solid reasons as to why programmers are advised to play video games.

They Sharper Your Problem-Solving Skills

Since we know that all video games are guided by certain rules so as a player we are asked to stick to the rules before taking any move in the game. This thus engage our mind fully into the game environment provoking our neurons to think a little out of the box for superior performance in the game. This skill will help you to solve real life based problem in programming.

Visual imagination are better in gamers

Games enhances our visual skills by improving our imagination. Studies have shown that in comparison with non-gamers, gamers are better at the following abilities:

  • tracking objects.
  • filtering irrelevant objects.
  • moving from task to task.
  • 3D mental involvement.
  • Creativity

Improving your social skills

Most of the games that we play have a multiplayer feature. These virtual games therefore gives you a chance to interact with other people in a systematic way.

If you haven’t started playing video games yet then do it now. Grab your game and start having your fun.

Gaming increases your memory power

As the title of the point explains it very well about gaming. While playing you have to memories your tools and special skills of opponent and of yourself which you will be using to defeat other players. This is how you develop yourself gradually.

Processing speed and response

By playing frequently you become use to the gaming environment and then it becomes your habit. As by habit we mean it becomes part of your routine and thus doing the same thing again and again improves your response time as well your processing speed.

Relaxes your mind and body in right way

Ever wondered what most of the programmer do in their free time? Yes, you are right, they do gaming and playing outdoor games because then you act in real life basis which glides down your mind to the best programming level to deliver your best in a day. So keep gaming and coding.

Improves effective working hours

When you are stuck on any level in the video game you nearly spend your entire day thinking about it tricks to pass that level. This is where you enhance your working hours where your mind is working unofficially to solve that one problem to level you up in the game.

Rectifying errors and building logics

When you fail in one scene of your game you visual it again and try to rectify things on yourself this is where you develop the ability to rectify errors in your code and building logics accordingly.


In my experience, gaming is not bad at all. Most programmers today whom I know enjoy playing video games. It’s a common hobby that is almost an unofficial requirement of being a programmer.

But that’s not the interesting question.

The interesting question is: “Do you love gaming?” If you haven’t developed an interest then do give it a try as you never know how one thing can change your perspective for your entire life.

I would further like to add that most of the professional programmers (>50%) have been ‘gamers’ (i.e., would regularly play video games of some kind) at some point in their life. Many still are, but I would say that most grow out of it and I hope you all become of this kind very soon.

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