10 Ways to Make Money While Playing Games

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Games are something that attracts the attention and interest of peoples of every age group. From small kids to adults everyone spends at least an hour playing games, that games might be PC games, console games, mobile games etc that hardly matters. Most people play games for entertainment purpose, but there is a certain gaming addicted professional from whom this post is totally dedicated. Today, we will see the top 10 ways to make money while playing games.

Did you know that you can make money while playing games?

If No, then you are at the right website to be get equipped with the money-making knowledge from games. We will be talking about many online as well as offline ways of money making through gaming.

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Podcast are shows related to gaming. These shows can be the interview of a famous professional gamer’s, it can be roundtable discussion or tips and tricks related to the certain game. These shows can also be related to people reaction or the reviews towards a particular game. These podcasts can be monetized with ads on different platforms like YouTube, twitch etc.

2. Game Testing

Becoming a Game tester is not that much difficult. There are certain trending games companies such as TenCent, Rockstar games, ghost games etc that creates opportunities for professional gamers as a game tester. The work of the tester is to examine thoroughly the game with different testing types such as alpha testing, gorilla testing, Integration testing, Acceptance testing etc.

3. Participating in Tournaments

If you are confident about your gaming skills, you consider yourself as professional then you can participate in different big gaming tournaments such as eSport, DreamHack etc.

In the tournament such as eSport which is a good platform to deliver your gaming talent and experience can help you with a lot of money starting from $250,000 to $6,000,000.

4. Designing and Selling Characters

If you are well armored with the immense creativity and graphic designing skills then you can create your own characters and sell it in open market to different companies such as Tencent, Supercell etc. If any company buys your designed character then you can get a huge amount of money mainly in millions.

5. Live Streaming

Another good and easy source of earning money is Streaming your gameplay in real time. In the Live Streaming field, the aim is to target the Huge audience or to target the loyal audience. By targeting the Huge audience, you can monetize your game-play for ads and By targeting the loyal audience you can earn the donations and memberships.

The largest platform for live streaming until now is the Twitch. YouTube Gaming is also giving them tough competition to Twitch.

6. Game Plays and Walkthrough’s

This a bit simpler way, you can record the gameplay and the walkthroughs of the most demanding games and upload them on different monetizable platforms such as YouTube to earn money. In this, it is very important to understand the demand and expectation of the audience.

7. Gaming Guides

Lot much people get stuck in a harsh situation in games. So you can create the gaming guides to them to get out of that situations. In the Combat games, you can guide gamers with different information related to different equipment etc.

8. Online Gaming on Point Club

There is a certain website which pays you for gaming on their sites based on different criteria’s. The criteria may differ from website to website. Swagbucks, BingoZone is an example of such website. For this, you just need a good internet connection and a good gaming experience.

9. Customer Service Agent

You can become a Customer Service Agent for different games. You can provide the service to the gamers regarding the major glitches or software issues during the setup of games. For this there no need of having prior or any programming knowledge.

10. Review the Games

You can record your opinion regarding a particular game by mentioning the pros and Cons of the games. You can share your gaming experience and give your suggestions or feedback So that gaming company can bring major updates to customer satisfaction. Know 8 reasons why playing video games is good.

I hope this information may motivate you to make gaming as a profession because no work is good or bad its just demand on the hard work you do.

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