10 reasons PubG Mobile is Better than Fortnite Mobile

PUBG the most trending game in Battle Royale category, creating sensation among the action and battle royal gamers. Almost every gamer is fascinated by the PUBG Mobile game. Fortnite is released 2 months after PUBG Mobile and is giving a very tough competition to fortnite. Today we have PubG vs Fortnite.

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PUBG Mobile and Fortnite both the games are the unbiased and faithful recreation of their PC counterpart. Providing mobile gamers, the same gaming experience like PC on their mobile devices. PUBG mobile tests the reflexes, reaction time, focus, patience, decision making capability, strategic planning and coordination of the player.

“There are plenty of skills I’ve learned from playing video games. It’s more interactive than watching TV because there are problems to solve as you’re using your brain.” – Shaun White

I as an average gamer played both the games for more than a month. With my gaming experience and I concluded that PUBG is far better and realistic as compared to fortnite. The choice of the game lovers may vary from person to person, some may like fortnite or some may like PUBG. Today I am going to share my constraints for considering PUBG better than fortnite.

Realistic Graphics

On comparing both the games on the basis of graphic, many people will definitely find that the graphics of the PUBG Mobile is slightly better than Fortnite mobile. Also, on average devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with Adreno 506 and equivalent to this we can get more frames per seconds on fortnite as compared to PUBG. But still, the PUBG provides us with more realistic overall graphics. If we talk about the fortnite overall graphic they are a little bit cartoonish.

Strategic gameplay

PUBG Mobile is the game pursuing real-time strategic planning, whereas in fortnite not much use of strategic planning. In PUBG mobile is all about taking a sequence of the correct decision, one wrong decision and you are in the lobby. This helps in increasing the decision-making capability of the user in the real time. But when we talk about fortnite decision-making and the strategy planning hardly matters. In PUBG right decisions and good strategy planning help you to win the game.

Weapons and Attachment

PUBG Mobile provides us with real-life guns and attachments. The guns and attachments in the fortnite are been modified in a cartoonish manner. The armory of the PUBG is very huge as compared to fortnite.

Conceptual Reality

The concept of both the games are same, that is Players are dropped into an island with other 99 opponents. From there, players can collect the weapons and other equipment’s for the intense battle until the last man is standing.

The play zone keeps on decreasing with a certain timestamp, forcing the players closer to each another for the intense battle. The area lying outside the play zone causes a severe damage to the player, hence it’s been recommended to avoid that area. As compared to fortnite, PUBG further reduces the play zone with red zones, where bombs are dropped from the sky that may instantly kill the player outside a proper cover. The player well equipped with good reflexes, reaction time, focus, patience, decision making capability, strategic planning, and coordination will get the chicken dinner more often.

Vehicles are usable

The most disappointing factor in the fortnite I think is the vehicles are not operable, which creates a bit frustrating as you mostly need a vehicle to get into the play zone. PUBG mobile is equipped with well operable and a variety of vehicles.

Availability of FPP

First Person Perspective brings the realism in the game. FPP is mostly preferred by the pro player because it increases the focus, with better reaction time and realistic feel while gaming. FPP is considered as more Frags (focused) whereas TPP is considered as more tactical. PUBG Mobile offers a good FPP interface to the players whereas in fortnite there is no concept of FPP.

Savage Maps and optimized controls

Pubg v Fortnite controls

There are a wide variety and huge map area are available in PUBG Mobile as compared to fortnite. The PUBG maps include Orange, Miramar, Sanhok etc, each map has its unique specialty like Sanhok is good for the intense fight, Miramar is for intense Sniping Experience and many more. Whereas the maps in the fortnite are not optimized properly are very small.

If we talk about the controls the Fortnite has fixed buttons, you can not adjust your buttons as per your needs but PUBG mobile provides all such facilities.

Intense fight and good looting Experience

PUBG mobile provides the intense fighting experience with some gun recoils, bullets drops and classical physics, armors, grenades, helmets, bag pack etc. It also provides the players with a good and simple looting experience rather than digging in building like that of fortnite.

Less prone to hacking

Can we have pubg or Fortnite

The PUBG mobile is very much secure from hackers. If any player is found doing hacking in PUBG Mobile his account gets banned in PUBG mobile. There is also a tool comes with the PUBG mobile called “protect ” that prevents the users from doing hacking. Overall we can say that PUBG Mobile is less prone to hacking as compared to fortnite.

Good Community support

At last service and support is very must important to maintain a good relationship better the customer and the user. So for that PUBG mobile has a very large community along with a REPORT option in the game that helps the user to suggest the changes in the PUBG or to communicate the problems to the technical support team. PUBG provides a good support and service replies by the emails to each and every individual. Which is provided somewhat less in a fortnight.

At last, I would like to clear that Even though the domain of Both the Battle Royal games is same but, According to me the targeted audience of both the games is different. I am saying this because the cartoonish graphics and less intense battles fascinate the small kids. Moreover, teenagers like realistic games. That’s why fortnite comes with certain limitations as compared to PUBG.

I hope you would have liked my post. If you have suggestion and feedback do write in comments and don’t forget to press the bell icon to get the daily tech updates.

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