Facing Rejection in Technical Interviews? Follow these Guided steps to crack one.

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Facing Rejection in Technical Interviews? We have talked about many programming languages, different softwares and tools. But this post is something completely different from others. Moreover, this topic is vital for some people (students) who are going to face their first technical interview. Before getting started you must know failure makes you stronger and makes you ready for the next challenge. For writing this blog we actually did a lot of research so that you can get top-notch info and tips.

Firstly, you should master a particular topic that you are applying for. It should not be like “I know everything but I have intermediate level of knowledge“. You should master atleast one thing. Plus it’s not just about knowing, practical skills are most important.

1. Facing an interview

Facing Rejection in Technical Interviews

This is a little tricky process, but remember, cracking an interview is not impossible. So by following certain tips, you can clear even the scariest technical interview round with ease. You must look confident, must wear proper clothes (according to your comfort & it must look sober), also drink water before going in (so that you can’t get thirsty and mess it up), you should be attentive to what the interview is saying and must reply with exact information or solution.

2. Research about the company

Interview Research about the company

This is the most important step before applying to any company. You must know what kind of work they do, what technologies are they using and how well the company is doing. Almost everything, with this you won’t go off information and it will be very helpful.

3. Do competitive programming

Interview Do competitive programming

Of course, you are going for a technical interview so you must know how to code. And most importantly you must practice  coding challenges. You should be proficient in Data Structures & Algorithm. Just so that you can practice best on your competitive programming skills there are a couple of websites which I can suggest. This are HackerRank, HackerEarth and CodeChef. 

4. Make an online portfolio of your work

Make an online portfolio of your work

Make a portfolio if you have an excellent job to showcase. It will help recruiters on national as well as an international level to see your skills. This is a great way of showing off your skills. Also building a good resume can make a good impression on the interviewer, you can use online platforms to build one. Although it’s better to manually create one.

Here are some basic questions that can be asked. you should read it once.

Facing Rejection in Technical Interviews

1. Tell us about your basic technical qualifications and knowledge?

Well this is the most common question that is being asked in many interviews. although they have your resume still they want to know. Tell them the specific details and don’t try to say anything that you have not done because if they asked questions on that basis you won’t be able to tell. Communication Skills are vital here.

2. What do you know about our company and its products?

As we already told you about this question that before giving any interview you have to check how the company works and everything. Also if they ask this question tell them the truth & don’t add anything. Do remember to tell them about the work they do.

3. Would you be interested in taking additional classes or training to enhance your technical skills?

Firms provide certain training for freshers. Every newly launched product has new features. So, if they are delivering you with prior training, then you should welcome it. It will reduce your chances of making any mistake while employing that product to use.

4. What steps do you follow to solve a technical issue?

This question is to test your learning abilities to new skills. You can state that since every company has its own set of standards for solving a particular issue. Therefore you are ready to learn new concepts of their firm as well. Still facing rejection in technical interviews? Read More

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