Will Linux take over world?

At least it dominates my personal pc, and my smartphone too. Two nasty devices that I spend most of my time with. I have dual booted ubuntu alongside windows 10 which I mainly use for experiments and programming. And Android is Linux as we all know.

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Linux for end users

Linux, for a normal end user, would somewhat feel useless and boring. Well, it’s not their fault too. The open source community that builds and manages Linux pretty much includes programmers and developers. Maybe they wanted to make an os for themselves. Whatever the reason, Linux (at least desktop versions) isn’t good at user experience. Elementary OS is claimed to be having good UX. A normal windows user would likely stay away from the reach of any complications for his pc. But programmers, or maybe some hobbyists are so adapted to os tweaking that Linux is just the best engine for their personal computers.

Well, Linux comes in a lot of flavors

This is because Linux is open source, the source code to the Linux kernels, the core part of Linux, is freely available on the internet. So anyone can just grab the code and modify some things, and make their own version of Linux. You could make your own too and make a new community out of it. Then maybe share this with others who liked these tweaks and edits. So even if two distros (the flavors are called distros) are similar in the sense they are Linux (they include Linux kernels), they are much different in all other aspects. Compare android with Ubuntu. They are so different. Their hardware platforms are different, their inputs and outputs are different, even their user experiences are different. But they are Linux, their kernels are Linux.

How can Linux take over the world?

Well, let’s say the Linux community decide to dominate the computing platform (it’s already dominating the servers, IOT, and remote computing platforms) but why would they do that? If that was what they intended, why would they make it open source? Why would they share their hard work with others?.

Linux lost the war with windows in desktop platform years ago. But it’s decentralized property, likely the reason for its defeat turned out to be a boon to dominate the smartphone, IOT, and cloud, all at once. Android and the other Linux distros, including Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Fedora, red hat, OpenSUSE and many emerging distros (all Linux) and Linux communities are making progress with their own objectives and competition in their respective goals. Soon they will rule over these platforms like a Linux army protecting and expanding the decentralized Linux empire.

Will Linux ever rule the world?

Define world. For a normal individual, his computing world will be his Desktop/laptop, a smartphone, IOT(smart home appliances). 2 of the 3 platforms are already in the clutches of Linux. And it is likely if the individual is a curious programmer like me, then the must have already installed and is using Linux. If the world is only the desktop/laptop then Linux has already lost and will never win against the more centralized windows.

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