Why Microsoft Windows 10 Store is not failure

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Windows 10 holds 35.27% of desktop OS market share after 1209 days of it’s release. Still, store is full of crap applications. Critics says it’s a big failure. But, I don’t. I think Microsoft Windows 10 Store is not a failure but a gold mine for developers.

Microsoft Windows 10 Store Flashback

People hate change. They like comfort zone who don’t? They will only change when something is unique, better and useful to them.

Microsoft revamped Windows Store in Windows 10 adding major features like UWP (Universal Windows Platform) Apps and PWA Web Apps to help developers create windows apps for more than just one platform. UWP was a good move since it allows developers to use same code in mobile, desktop as well as console applications. But, poorly executed. People still like to use Win32 apps. UWP apps takes too much time to open, load & display.

This year, Microsoft added PWA (Progressive Web Application) support to Windows 10 Store. Good move, we saw major apps like Twitter switching to PWA platform. Fast, Easy and hassel free way of creating apps.

Recently, Microsoft updated visual studio (15.9) it has features to recompile apps for ARM for always connected PCs (Snapdragon Processors). This will encourage developers to add new variant of existing apps to run natively.

Microsoft Windows 10 Store is Gold Mine for Developers

Microsoft Windows 10 Store has bunch of useful productivity and social apps like Office, Drawboard PDF, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Netflix (No Amazon Prime), etc. But, after some 20-30 names you will notice they aren’t that much in number. Third party developers have supported Microsoft in there tough days (yes Lumia days). Please go through this articles :

I know Windows 10 Store is flooded with crap apps but, not all. Games in Windows 10 store are good & quality releases due to Microsoft’s Xbox platform. But, still lacks compared to steam platform.

But, Developers should take this in positive way. Windows 10 have 700+ million user’s worldwide that’s a huge market for developers.

If there are crap apps in Windows Store, then developers must add Quality apps to gain instant attention and revenue.

Andromeda OS (Surface Phone) to impact Windows 10 Store soon.

Well we all know Surface Phone or Surface Pocket will come one day with Windows Andromeda OS to turn things upside down. And, Windows Store is there to stay no matter what happens.

As this year, major events took place in Microsoft’s favor like EU force Google to unbundle, license Android application suite to competitors. This would allow Microsoft to bundle their apps & services to other OEMs.

If everything goes well, Surface Phone could change the mobile market situation. Hence, this will impact developers hugely.

Why Windows 10 store is necessary for Microsoft?

  • Secured Apps & games.
  • User engagement to OS.
  • Selling Movies & songs (like iTunes).
  • Selling Microsoft Surface H/W.
  • More revenue (But, Microsoft made changes to store revenue model which allows developers to take most of the profit).
Windows 10 Improvements Required?
  • The Windows 10 Store UI is not that good. Sometimes, it takes 10-15 sec even to open the store might be due to cache.
  • Microsoft needs to remove crap apps from store. (They are doing that)
  • Create proper apps category.
  • One thing Store is good is at Games due to Xbox service. They need to upgrade it to take on stream.

Like it or hate it, Windows Store is a but quite useful in it’s own ways. The main objective of this post is to encourage new developers to support Windows 10 Store. Let me know your views in comments.

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