Why Chinese Brands are ruling Indian Mobile Market? PART 2

Xiaomi 5% profit

Chinese manufacturers had only 7% market share in India in 2014. About 51% in 2017. In 2019, just two Brands one Chinese & other South Korean controls 50% market in India.

IDC India Smartphone Market share

IDC India Smartphone Market share Graph

Xiaomi is leading the race with 28.9% market share followed by Samsung at 22.4%. Oppo & Vivo the same company brands have total share of nearly 25%. See BBK Electronics (Parent company of Oppo & Vivo) false sense of competition strategy.

Why Samsung lose its #1 rank against xiaomi?

Samsung was one of the biggest names in the Indian smartphone consumer market. It is still today. But, now the crown holder is different.

This 5 points made Xiaomi the Current King & Samsung the Knight.

  • Aggressive Pricing.
  • Faster adoption to 4G Technology.
  • VOLTE Support for most smartphones during Jio Boom era.
  • Greater emphasis on Camera & gaming. Indians are crazy over this two main points.
  • Strategic marketing & sales.

Xiaomi is the new Samsung in India. Samsung needs to be the Old Xiaomi to make a comeback – – – R Bhave

Xiaomi is coming in with new Redmi Note 7 & Note 7 Pro. So do Samsung with M Series. Note 7 Pro is packed with 48 MP Camera which takes almost 1-2 secs buffer time after each photo which costs atleast 20 mb each. At most importantly, Note 7 Pro costs only Rs 13000 ($185).

How did xiaomi make 48 MP Camera Smartphone at such cheaper price. Well, the answer lies in embedly link given below.

Due to lack of innovation, less research & poor targeting Indian smartphone brands like Micromax, Lava or Karbonn saw a huge decline in revenue as well as market share.

Why Chinese Brands are ruling Indian Mobile Market? PART 1 – PinProgram

Welcome to Fresh New Episode of The Insider Story. Today we’ll see why Chinese brands are ruling the Indian Mobile Market. It will be a roller coaster ride that’s why presented it to you in 2 parts. Let’s start part 1 : Chinese brands in India!

Note: Here’s 2 interesting market research stories on Quora. Please go through them. I hope you will like it. And, that’s it for this week’s Insider Story.

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