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Welcome to PinProgram.com: a new emerging blog/news portal designed for people interested in programming and technology. PinProgram provides you the fast & reliable source of information freshly served to you on daily basis.

One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.” —Michael Korda

1 APR 19:

PinProgram’s progress has been huge this year we went all way upto 5000+ visitors in March.

Previously, we promised to bring you 2-3 posts per week. However we brought you 20 out of 24 promised. We’re still working very hard to bring you with quality stuff. PinProgram now will have more emphasis on the quality of stuff we approve.

I will change my focus back to programming related posts after today’s #TheInsiderStory S1 Finale. Season 2 will come soon in May or June. Last 3 months I contributed to that majorly. So it’s good to say we have achieved our second target & now going around 200 visitors a day.

Target (3 Months) :

  • Min. 24 Posts.
  • 2000+ visitors/week

1 JAN 19:

It has been 70 days, since the launch of PinProgram. With amazing 40 Blog Posts and nearly 2700 visitors added more faith in our blog. Not only our blog but whole PinProgram ecosystem has evolved. We now have an amazing team of authors, editors & specialist.

If you scroll below to 23 OCT 18 section you’ll find our old game plan for blog. There are many instances in which things goes in opposite direction but, it happens for the best. Patience is the Key & Content is the king.

PinProgram will bring you atleast 2-3 high-quality stuff every week with the weekly journal (The Insider Story). We want to make a Strong Tech Community. And, most importantly our blog posts are no longer limited to Indian regions. We believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family).

Target (3 Months)

We started with an initial target of 500 – 1000 viewers/month. But, results shows we have reached nearly 1900 viewers in December only.

For the next three months, we’ll continue to contribute to the blog in the same way we did in past with more professional approach & personal touch. Now our Target is to have atleast 100 visitors/day and build loyal readers.

Thank You so much for being an active part of PinProgram community. A better future is on the way… —- Rajan Bhave

Here’s what some of our team members have to say.

A Jadhav (Senior Editor)

When it comes to technology you have to face the tremendous competition. According to me if you have unique and rich content, then the path of success seems a bit simpler. As a technology blogger I along with my team members always tries to understand the expectations of the readers and along with that tries to create uniqueness in the content. PinProgram provided me a good platform to present my skills of technical writing.

PinProgram is not just a website, it is a source of rare knowledge and data. Our main aim is create a huge community all around the world.

Vishwesh Thonte (Author)

Hi I’m Vishwesh Thonte. I always wanted to write for technical blogs. PinProgram gave me this opportunity to complete my wish. Here, at PinProgram, we strive to provide quality content to you. We always try to provide new and trending stuff. It’s just the start. We’re here to try hard, to fail, to try again, to learn from our mistakes and continue our journey and be something, and to make world a better place by becoming ourselves better.

Our vision is to provide what the mob wants and needs. You’ll find new trends, new technologies latest tech news, all at one place.

The PinProgram, a program by us, for the people. — V. Thonte

23 OCT 18: We provide you with fresh news feeds, blog posts, market research & analysis, how to posts and lots of fun content. Along with that, we make sure you are up to date with the programming world with “News Section” updated on daily basis. We also provide you quick blog steams of various events like BUILD (Microsoft), Google I/O, Facebook Developer Conference (FDC), etc in our “Events Section”.

PinProgram will bring you at least 2-3 high-quality stuff every day with the weekly journal (collection of all news over the weekend).

About me | Editor in Chief

I am R A Bhave, CS Student & Tech Enthusiast.

I have been part of many blogs. But, PinProgram is a big project for me to provide the audience a base platform, the source of information & trends about programming languages, tech stuff and lots more.

Its a platform for various Programming Language’s lovers, fans & haters. We encourage comments in a healthy way. Guest posts are also welcomed. For any information, you can contact here.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

At PinProgram we have a Strong | Smart | Dedicated team of writers, journalists & editors to provide you vital information. You can head over to about page for more information.

Target (2 Months)

Well the initial target for us is to build a strong audience of about 500 – 1000 viewers/month. Let’s start the journey.

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