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Microsoft, one of the biggest company in the world and it seems like Microsoft has taken over the world, with almost every computer having its operating system and office suits. There are many versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows 8 and the latest (2016) is Windows 10 and with Windows 10 they also introduced us to Microsoft Chromium Edge in December 2018, which in general language is a browser. Microsoft this week began a public preview of the “full-Chromium” version of its Edge browser, offering Windows 10 users running the 64-bit edition of the OS two different “builds” of the still-under-construction application.

NOTE: This blog post highlights major events regarding Microsoft Edge (Chromium) before BUILD, 2019 developer conference. A sequel post will be released regarding BUILD 2019 roundup on 10th April.

Here are few lines from Microsoft

“In December, we announced our intention to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop. Our goal is to work with the larger Chromium open source community to create better web compatibility for our customers and less fragmentation of the web for all web developers.”

So now the question is what is so special about this browser, which makes it different from others. Let’s see

Microsoft chromium edge is more similar to google chromium and is integrated with Cortana. Though the Microsoft edge will get updates as they just started. Now it is not just for window operating system but is also available for Android and Mac. Ironically, the big anticipation of this new Edge is that it’s now based on open-source Chromium, the same code used by Google inside its Chrome browser which has pounded Microsoft for nearly 11 years. The download even says Chromium version, not far behind the timeline published for Google’s Chrome 74 even if the new Edge is still months off a final release.

The reworked browser can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Edge Insider website in either “Canary” or “Dev” form. Those are Chromium/Chrome terms that describe two of the four versions – Canary, Dev, Beta and Stable – in the progressively more reliable and polished sequence of development. Edge’s Stable build will be what is issued to Windows 10 users not participating in the testing regimen.

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Microsoft is more interested in making chromium better by contributing to the open source community. “While we will continue to focus on delivering a world-class browsing experience with Microsoft Edge’s user experience and connected services, when it comes to improving the web platform, our default position will be to contribute to the Chromium project,” wrote Jatinder Mann and John Hazen, a pair of group program managers, in a post to (April 8) blog.

Alternatively, the Chromium Edge browser’s selling point will be that it is a way to have something that looks and behaves a lot like Chrome without being as intimately connected to Google’s surveillance. One could argue that Microsoft has an interest in the same surveillance but that would remain true had it stuck to its current Edge browser. Microsoft has removed around 50 features from chromium to make it different.

If you’re interested in trying the very latest versions and new builds. Head to the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels page and there you will find weekly and daily builds — at the time of this writing. More stable channels are coming soon. Go ahead and start playing with it and see what you think. It’s quite the interesting development in seeing Microsoft build it’s Edge browser with the Open Source Chromium. We’ll be covering it more in-depth as the new Microsoft Edge continues to evolve. But for now, if you’re an enthusiast or just curious, you can start testing it out yourself.

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