Microsoft Build 2019 : RoundUp

Microsoft BUILD 2019 RoundUp

We have already talked about Microsoft and their products in our past blogs and when you want a quality product, Microsoft is at it’s best. Almost everyone in the world is using at least one Microsoft product and even we love and recommend Microsoft software. Previously, we promised you to bring “Microsoft BUILD 2019 roundup” post & here we go.

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What is Microsoft Build?

what is build conference

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Before getting right into the topic you should know what Microsoft Build is, well it is the annual conference held in different Microsoft Campus and is aimed towards software engineers and web developers using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies. It was first held in 2011 and you can actually go into that conference the attendee price was $2,495 in 2018, up from $2,095 in 2015. The price has decreased $100 to $2395 for the 2019 conference. It has sold out quickly, within one minute of the registration site opening in 2016. Now, let’s see Microsoft BUILD 2019 major announcements you need know.

KEDA – Kubernetes-based event-driven autoscaling


Microsoft and Red Hat partnered to build this open source component to provide event-driven capabilities for any Kubernetes workload. KEDA enables any container to scale from zero to potentially thousands of instances based on event metrics like the length of a Kafka stream or an Azure Queue. It also enables containers to consume events directly from the event source instead of decoupling with HTTP. KEDA can drive the scale of any container and is extensible to add new event sources.

Azure SQL Database Edge

azure build 2019

Database is the most important thing in any field and every software and website requires a Database, you might have heard of different databases like MongoDB, MYSQL and many more but Azure is different, running on ARM and Intel architecture, Azure SQL Database Edge now in private preview brings the most secure Microsoft SQL engine to the edge. This productivity tool for edge computing combines new capabilities such as data streaming and time series with in-database machine learning and graph features. Develop your application once and deploy anywhere across the edge, your data center, and Azure.

IoT Plug-n-Play

IOT plug and play microsoft

IoT (Internet of things) which is getting popular, you might not have heard of IOT but you have heard of Alexa which works on IoT. Now Microsoft has introduced us to offer a new, open modeling language to connect IoT devices to the cloud seamlessly. With IoT Plug and Play, developers can connect IoT devices to the cloud, without having to write a single line of embedded code. Devices listed in the Azure IoT Device Catalog can be automatically registered with Azure IoT platform without writing explicit code. Device manufacturers expose the capability model as a JSON file that can be used to connect to the Azure IoT.

New Windows Terminal

new windows terminal build 2019

Source: TechCrunch

Terminal, the most important tool for developers. So keeping that in mind Microsoft has made a new application for command-line users that promises “graphics-processing-unit-accelerated text rendering,” as well as a new version of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), both of which are coming next month also a new version of Visual Studio, Microsoft’s integrated development environment (IDE) which will soon offer a browser-based companion tool, as well as new features for remote workers.

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Open Source Voting Platform

Open Source Voting Platform

You might see it as an out of topic or something totally different that Microsoft has made to make voting transparent and secure, Microsoft has announced ElectionGuard an open source and free platform that will provide end-to-end verification of votes during elections and the other benefit is opening results to third-party organizations and allowing voters to verify their votes using a cryptographic technique called “homomorphic encryption. The pilot program is expected to start in 2020.

We also have a special article that is Microsoft Edge (Chromium) make sure to check it out and if you want to know more check official Microsoft’s BUILD website. That’s it from Microsoft BUILD 2019.

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