How Software Testing can pump your Career!

You might have a very good knowledge of software development, graphic design, and everything. But you may not know about software testing, how it is done, a career in software testing, etc.

So In this blog, I am going to tell you about software testing and how it can pump your career. This job is for someone who can catch very small changes and of course don’t want to be a developer. You work with the quality assurance team.

Over a period of time, the demand for software testers & quality assurance professionals has increased a lot in Software Companies. So let’s see career in software testing!

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What is software testing?

Career in Software testing

As the name suggests the main aim is to test software in different fields like software security, finding bugs, etc. Almost every software development firm requires a software tester and a software tester plays a very important role. Many tools are used in software testing like Selenium, Ranorex, Testlink, and Robotium.

Getting started in Software Testing

Getting started in Software testing

If you are starting out with software testing you will be appointed as junior or trainee software tester. Junior software tester has basically 1 or 2 years of experience though it also depends on your skills and the quality of work you can do. Your main role as a Junior software tester is to execute tests, report bugs/defects, design complete test cases and of course you need to show more involvement in quality assurance activities.

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Gaining Testing experience

Career in software testing

Gaining experience means when you fully understand the process and tools required in software testing. You can actually get paid higher. Communication skills is vital because you have to tell software developers about the problem. The senior level is when you have experience of more than 3 years. According to payscale average salary of software, the tester is $55,000 per year.

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Team manager/Team leader

Team manager in Software testing

Teams are made of a bunch of testers and they are given with some software to test. Once you have quite a good experience you can actually become Team manager or Team leader. In this, you are expected to have good management skills, leadership, communication, and organizational skills. The team manager is highly paid and can pump your career in software testing even more.

QA consultant

Software testing consultant

QA Consultant Responsibilities and Duties.

  • Develop and maintain efficient quality assurance tests according to required policies and procedures.
  • Prepare reports for the same for all test activities.
  • Collaborate with developers, business analysts and evaluate all documents.

It is not surprising that people in this role are often known as “testers”. Of course, the role is more than just testing.

Test Automater / Technical Tester

Test automater

First, you must understand what is Automation testing, it is a Software testing technique to test and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. This can be achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool. Test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are difficult to perform manually. A technical tester should be able to create (or at least “play”) with scripts to help him run repetitive tests such as sanity or smoke, and tasks such as configurations, installation, setups, etc.

If you take up testing, your career path is certainly not set in stone and there’s not just one way to grow. Some people will move quickly through the stages than others. To advance, one should get carried away with making sure to continuously improve one’s skills, growing as a person, and exploring one’s potential. I hope this blog will help you and if you have any problem just ask us by commenting on this post.

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