20 Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2019

Once in a while, we all think for living life of our dream. Some of us have small items in their bucket list. However, few of us some have a very long list of their dream goals. There are many jobs which can help us aspire for even more so that we can add further in our bucket list. Following are some of the top jobs which can offer you high money values. Here’s Highest paying computer science jobs 2019.

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1. Business Analyst

Businesses generally hire IT engineers who can understand their typical database easily and can work upon it to make it more cost effective. They hire someone to analyze data and hand it over to stakeholders. Their role is increasing as businesses have spread from farming to cloud storages. Also doing this job one gets an idea about how things work in the market so that in future they can come up with their own startup ideas if you are interested in this.

Expected Average Salary: $110,000

2. Data scientist

To get into this emerging and blooming field you need to pull up your socks a bit but at the end, you will love the fruit it payback to you. Here you will be testing a dreading a lot of data sheets, applications and will work out on them to give a basic solution to a given advanced problem mathematically or via hard coding. You are always going to like this job once you get used to it. Since its jobs are developing you can grab it easily due to a low number of aspirant as it really requires devotion and dedication towards your job.

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Expected Average Salary: $110,000

3. Wireless networking expert

There is no doubt that more and more people are becoming digitized than doing things manually. This, therefore, gives an employer to work with freedom. A person who helps people work on the internet by taking all care of network security come under this category of job. All responsibilities of security concerned are laid on their shoulders and therefore they demands are high in the market.

Expected Average Salary: $110,000

4. Machine learning scientist

This is similar to data scientist. Here machine learning framework is used for statically and analytical study, development and doing advanced mathematical operations. This works for both internal and external clients and is in good demands this day due to bloom in the business field and marketing. You also need to master large data file handling to get into this area of work as it sums up things at the end to deliver something worth to use. Promotion here can be quite frequent depending on the demands of the firm you work for.

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Expected Average Salary: $110,000

5. Architects of networking

Coming to the internet which is full of scams and hackers one should be hired to prevent information leaking to other people or hackers which may misuse your personal details. These people offer architecture as to how your network should be designed and interconnected so that no outsider can hack or leak the information to your enemies. In this work, you need to connect various loop without much of the error so that 100% account security is to be promised. This job pays you really high only if you are loyal towards your job because self-respect comes before all.

Expected Average Salary: $100,000

6. Software engineering manager

This is one of the top paying jobs in IT firms because a software engineer is the one who designs, plot and runs program or applications to solve technical problems. In short, it’s a skeleton in the field on IT and programming. The engineers are expected to design new solutions to everyday problems faced by users and to provide them with reasonable solutions on a real-time basis. One can regret doing this job as each day is interesting and new to the programmer. Also, the period of promotion is small so you can get easily promoted if you master this field.

Expected Average Salary: $100,000

7. Mobile Application Developer

Each individual has a cell phone to do their daily needs. These requirements are filled up by our mobile apps which are designs and built by the experts to make it user-friendly. For this, you need a good coding background so that you can deal with the various situation in real time. Also, apps always come to your rescue be it in any field so one must try this field out.

Expected Average Salary: $100,000

8. Full stack developer

A web developer who looks for both front display part, as well as back-end part of a website, is called a full stack developer. These are now increasing in demand due to spreading of internet across the globe. They work to make the website look user-friendly. More attractive and fast is your site, the number of visitors you get and that is how things work for you as an employer in this filed. The better the site, the better is your promotion rate. This is easy to grab and better pay scale comes along with this you can complete things on your bucket list.

Expected Average Salary: $ 90,000

9. IS (Information systems) security manager

Everyone expects things to be under security be it at home or on the internet or your personal computers. A security manager deals with all of them by developing and implementing security policies, procedures and protocols so that you have no trouble in your privacy. The information given by you is well encrypted and stored so that only people at this back-end can only look into. This prevents others to see your data’s. Highly demanding job in current era due to cyber crimes etc.

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Expected Average Salary: $90,000

10. DevOps engineers

This is certainly one of the interesting ones to look for because of its requirement and certainty of a job at high pay scale. Expertise in Linus OS, cloud storage, language scripts is some of its demand one must have to work in this area. This job has its own use in many work arenas as this itself develops things so you can use it at many places. Just wanting to have this job you need to have thick skin, tenacity, and presence of mind because you never know how one idea can work for your task.

Expected Average Salary: $87,000

11. Application development manager

for everything we need or require there is an app to do it easily. Wondered how they were designed? When you work in this arena you can develop things which may be of great use to the public because you will be one of the users so you can relate easily with your clients and users. App development is easy and good to go when you take it as starting of your career because you will always learn at each stage of your job here. You need to master android studio or OS whichever you are comfortable with.

Expected Average Salary: $85,000

12. Blockchain developer

Cryptocurrency has become so special and popular only due to blockchain development. The blockchain is like an database. Information is grouped like a block and is like an excel sheet. To get into this one needs to learn dApp. Sound knowledge about shares and market is a must for you to grab this job.

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Expected Average Salary: $80,000

13. Web developer

Every day, hundreds of company bring their offer on the internet for sale purposes as it is one of the easiest ways to have advertisement done in right manner because here the input to output ratio is quite high compared to another job available. Keeping these factors in mind a dealer or a company always look for one who Is good at programming, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) skills so as to boost their business.

Expected Average Salary: $80,000

14. Video Game Designer

this billion dollar gaming industry has flourished many times in the past decades and its expanding each day due to a change in gaming culture from outdoor games to the indoor digital gaming platform. A game designed with mobile development is a blessing as this adds a tint to your career just like a bonus.

  •  High-quality graphics.
  • Artistic nature
  • if it’s all that is required to grab the attention of public for marketing and if you can do it well you have your stage owned.

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Expected Average Salary: $75,000

15. Cloud engineer

Cloud system engineers are responsible for developing, installing, managing and maintaining IT cloud system being in a cloud environment without disturbing other things on board. These people mainly work for large and big firms or companies such as Amazon web services, Azure and many other popular cloud storage to store data and information safely. Strong understanding of hardware and software, APIs, DevOps, multiple programming language knowledge etc. is required to work in this area.

Expected Average Salary: $75,000

16. Medical survey specialist

One of the biggest concerns in this world is medical issues. Health problems have been a serious concern and people are spending a lot on themselves to stay healthy and fine. Generally, the medical industry hires people with good technical knowledge for designing goods keeping fitness in mind so that the product can be made as per public demand with less toxicity. A person with sound skills regarding herbs and medicinal drugs designing can work in this field. During the survey and diagnosis of medicine designing, graphics and data entry skills will be mandatory, so you should start learning it from now onward. This field not only pays high but also makes you feel good as you contribute to somebody’s life directly or indirectly.

Expected Average Salary: $75,000

17. Network administrator

Investing in new computer systems and technologies has increased productivity and demand of network administrators. Online transaction, the smartphone uses, business security all are looked by this employ. The work involves cloud computing skills, networking managing and storage using simplest things that work for the user and sharing the information when in need such as for your tags on Facebook etc.

Expected Average Salary: $60,000

18. QA skilled engineers

Responsibilities of people working in this field are to create test cases to point out problems in any software. This deal with bugs and upon identifying them they eliminate them during product testing in order to ensure that the program works properly and efficiently. Skills required here is Microsoft, Linux, and little of coding to improve on bugs.

Expected Average Salary: $60,000

19. Sale and marketing expert

In this job, you must look on maintaining sales statistics properly. Accuracy matters here as the entire company’s profit depends on proper stats and marketing strategy. A little carelessness can lead the industry to a huge downfall. So in this job, one has to have business qualities apart from basic coding knowledge. This will help you work on backup if things go wrong in your marketing planning. You need to be present-minded in this to a great extent as doing marketing is all about mindset and strategies. Opportunities are very high in this area and one does need to put much to grab it.

Expected Average Salary: $65,000

20. Infrastructure architect expert

Data storage in computers and other devices requires chips and other tools for better efficiency. So making the infrastructure of these so that it’s cost effective and requires less space is the demand of the hour. To excel in this field one needs to be well equipped with digital designing. Large companies generally look for this aspirant as they are small in number and one can take advantage of this spare quantity as then you will be your own boss designing stuff of your choice. Definitely try this newly emerging field.

Expected Average Salary: $50,000


Be it any job, according to me what matters the most is your own self-interest into it. If you have it in you then no one can stop you from rising high in your life so till then keep coding and learning things to fulfill your dream job.

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