11 Useful Tools For Software Development in 2020

When you are creating your first stunning website, an Android application that could solve a real-life problem or just a game, you require tools, certain software that could help you and there are tonnes of software available in the market. So, we have shortlisted some of the best-updated useful Tools For Software Development that you should use in 2020.

1. Atom IDE

No matter which language you are coding in, Java, C++, python or maybe you want to use some libraries atom has it all this is the best IDE that you can find, it also has many features like code compilation, suggestion, debugging and many more, the main advantage is that it is fast.

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2. Github

This is the most used repository platform in software development, when you are creating a project and you want to save code at one place and get easy access to every single change you did, Github has it all. You can build a repository where you can save all your project files. Almost every developer use Github.

3. Cloud 9 IDE

It is the most amazing IDE in terms of sharing and storing your data. Cloud 9 is the online IDE that supports almost every language like Ruby, Python, Javascript and many more. The best thing is that you can share your IDE to your teammate and you can actually comment, edit and can access every feature just like a normal IDE.

4. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is generally used for website development and it is the best IDE for making websites, whether it’s the front end or back end you can do it all. It is developed by Adobe, it also supports emmte and lint. You can also test your work on different platforms.

5. Codecharge Studios

This is another tool for creating web applications, it supports almost every scripting language required like JavaScript, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, etc. The best thing is that you don’t have to work hard on writing codes you can visually create a web application. Codecharge can also create an online repository. This is also perfect for beginners.

6. Microsoft Visual Studio (Recommended)

Microsoft Visual Studio is a top-notch IDE. Best for all purposes like Web Development, Windows Application development, Android/iOS Application Development, etc. Visual Studio is among the favorite IDE’s of many developers & probably best. PinProgram highly recommends using Microsoft VS (experts) and VS Code (Beginners).

7. CodeLobster

CodeLobster is another powerful tool to create web applications it supports WordPress, JQuery, HTML, JavaScript, Twig, and Smarty. It supports code autocompletion, it also comes with PHP Debugger. It also supports file transfer like FTP/SFTP.

8. Crimson editor

Crimson is a simple yet advance IDE for windows and supports most of the Programming languages like Java, C/C++, and Perl. It has quite good features in code editing like syntax highlighting, spell checker, advance undoes/redo options and many more.

9. Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is widely used by Java developers it is quite the popular IDE. It also supports other programming languages like Perl, Php, Prolog, Python, Lua, Ruby via plugins. It also supports servers like Tomcat, it also has a feature of remote debugging. Web development tools are also supported.


Gradle is the best option for Java developers though it isn’t that popular but is getting popular, most Android developers prefer Gradle as it supports XML syntax. There are many additional plugins available in all gradle versions. It relies on Groovy programming language.

11. Microsoft Azure

It is a public cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure is used for analytics, virtual computing, storage and much more. It is also good for business control. It has Saas application support that reduces the cost of infrastructure, maintenance, and management. The main advantage is you don’t have to spend money on buying servers.

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