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PinProgram is a new emerging blog/news portal designed for people interested in programming and technology. PinProgram provides you the fast & reliable source of information freshly served to you on frequent basis.

We provide you with fresh news feeds, blog posts, market research & analysis, how to posts and lots of fun content. We also provide you quick blog steams of various events like BUILD (Microsoft), Google I/O, Facebook Developer Conference, etc in our “Events Section”.

Its a platform for Tech lovers, fans & haters. — R A Bhave


  1. Shubham Sharma: Content Marketing
  2. Abhijit Jadhav: Senior Editor
  3. Pranav Sahare: Senior Author
  4. Yash Aggrawal: Author
  5. Vishwesh Thonte: Guest Blogger
  6. Jay Patel: Guest Blogger And,
  7. Rajan Bhave: Editor-In-Chief & Developer


  • Niraj Tomar
  • Ayusha Singh
  • Abhishek Deshwal


  • PinProgram 1.0 (Blog AKA CSTechFans) | 2015
  • PinProgram 2.0 (Code Repository) | June 2018
  • PinProgram 2.1 (Blog) | OCT 2018