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PinProgram is a new emerging blog/news portal designed for people interested in programming and technology. PinProgram provides you the fast & reliable source of information freshly served to you on daily basis.

We provide you with fresh news feeds, blog posts, market research & analysis, how to posts and lots of fun content. Along with that, we make sure you are up to date with the programming world with “News Section” updated on daily basis. We also provide you quick blog steams of various events like BUILD (Microsoft), Google I/O, Facebook Developer Conference, etc in our “Events Section”.

Its a platform for Tech lovers, fans & haters. — R A Bhave


  1. Shubham Sharma: Content Marketing
  2. Abhijit Jadhav: Senior Editor
  3. Pranav Sahare: Associate Editor
  4. Abhishek Deshwal: Author
  5. Vishwesh Thonte: Author
  6. Jay Patel: Author And,
  7. Rajan Bhave: Editor-In-Chief & Developer


  • Niraj Tomar
  • Ayusha Singh


  • PinProgram 1.0 (Blog AKA CSTechFans) | 2015
  • PinProgram 2.0 (Code Repository) | June 2018
  • PinProgram 2.1 (Blog) | OCT 2018
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